Jack Wilshere


He just wanted to ball for the club he loved. Even took a reduced contract. We’ve lost a true legend


Yeahh real legend, the minute he get’s dropped from England he demands a loan.

He’s just a pashun merchant.


Yeah I’m a bit sad too. He was proper arsenal and knowing he was going to take a reduced contract proves that.

I hope he does really well wherever he goes, I kind of want him to go abroad and smash it.

Losing Wenger and Wilshere in the same season, oof. Tough one.


Lol always contrarian

Wait so do we still have to pay his wages???
Surely not cos he’s out of contract right?


He went on loan without complaint to prove his fitness. He was determined to show his worth in order to start at this club


Jesus Christ your delusion is incredible. He demanded a loan because Allardyce dropped him for England, it was a deadline day loan he demanded.

And the whole taking a lower contract is pure PR crap.

@Electrifying Check the date on the tweet my scottish pal.


It’s funny how events can inspire different reactions in people


Fixed it



Contact was on the table like 8 months. He didn’t agree to it at all really.


Bye Jack… all the best.


You’re the only delusional one here with your well established irrational hate of Jack.

He needed game time, he wasn’t going to get it at Arsenal because of the fitness issues so he wasnt snobby and decided to go on loan.

How can you berate a player for choosing not to sit on the bench and choosing to display what he can do for the club with regular football under his belt?

The wage thing isn’t PR he’s explaining to the fans this contract wasn’t about money just football, which should be commended in this day and age.

Keep your bias in check.


I hate him for a very simple reason, he’s shit and plays for Arsenal. Same as why I hated on Giroud and I hate on Ospina.

Again he only decided he needed a loan after he got dropped by Allardyce. Before that he was more than happy to stay at Arsenal and try to play his way into the 1st team.-

Because he putted his England career ahead of Arsenal, hurting us and hilariously hurting himself

The contract was up there for months, it was repeatedly reported that he wasn’t happy with the decreased wages, and it was months before Wenger fucked off.



If his fitness wasn’t such a question mark I’m not sure Xhaka is worth it to keep over Wilshere. I left the sentimental part out of it. That is what it comes done to in my view anyway.


In 12 months we lost a full team haha. Love the ruthlessness.


I’m not sure what’s wrong with him seeking a loan after being dropped from the England squad.

He clearly cares about playing for the national team and it’s something that made him realise he needed to go away and prove his fitness not just for country but for club also.

It seems weird to be taking shots at him for it tbh.


I agree. Nothing wrong with seeking it. Shouldn’t have been granted though given the timing.


Really is the end of an era here isn’t it?

It feels weird, not really sure what to make of it.


Because by doing it he showed that he cared more about England, than about Arsenal. By demanding that loan in such a hurry not only he put us in a bad spot since he could he a replacement, but also hurt himself by being unable to explore better option for him.


Sad to see him go. He has been bought up at the club and seemed that he genuinely loved being a part. Not sure if there’s anyone else like that at the club anymore.

McNair really fucked his career.


The best for both parties. His legs has gone, but i still think he could thrive at palace, west ham etc. Wish the lad all the best. Arsenal through and through !