Ivan Gazidis




Well we used to live on the 4th floor, and now we live on the 6th.


Revenue went from 220m when he started to 420m when he left. I can’t think of any other reason for that happening other than Ivan Gazidis and his brilliance.


Until there is a league table and trophy for the club with the best revenue, the fact we are making more money is even more annoying.

If we weren’t making so much profit I could understand our lack of ambition.
We have useless transfer windows, and the fact we can’t even compete with clubs like spurs and Liverpool, who don’t have anywhere near the resources we have, just shows where the owners priorities really are, and that’s using us as a money making machine for himself.


Don’t care that much in the end. The players, the managers and the board pass, while the club remain.


Raul Sanllehi in charge of football matters and Vinai in charge of commercial matters. Works for me



Did a good job at Barca, didn’t he?


I’m more excited about my boy big Vinai!!!


@Bl1nk what you say about a Vinai emoji :mustafi:


I’ve Googled him and this is his only facial expression. He’s going to need to be more fun if he wants an emoji!


Who the fuck is he? Is he a scottish? :thinking: :mustafi:


natural inflation? players probably cost twice as much now as they did 10 years ago lol


Yup he is the guy that basically oversaw arguably their best period ever. People will chat shit about him, but lets face it with how ruthless barca is how can you be there for 10 years. They were in their best period ever when they won 3 CLs etc and grew so much as a club and not be sacked if it wasnt him that had a good deal to do with it. They wouldn’t just keep him for the sake of keeping him if he wasnt the one that identified ares of need and got shit done.


Look at that shit eating grin :arteta:

Love him already.


Dunno why but when i look at him i think of Raj in the big bang theory when he has gotten one up on one of his mates.


Got rid of Wenger and didn’t sign Arteta, for all shit he oversaw at least he went on a high.


I’m not sure I’d deem appointing Emery as a high, but yeah he left under better circumstances than 18 months prior to his departure.


We’d have struggled to prise Wenger’s vice-like grip of the club away if not for Gazidis so there’s quite a lot to thank him for I’d say.

Josh Kroenke is still hurt by name association but most of the articles I’ve read put a far more positive spin on what he’ll do here, vs his father anyway


At Barcelona he was part of a bigger structure and wasn’t the leading figure if I’m not mistaken.


Let’s hope we get Milan in the EL again so we can boo him every he time touches the ball…wait, that won’t work…