Ivan Gazidis


he looks pretty baked


Man, he is ugly with a stupid haircut.
Just go bald.


That’s no way to speak about @Electrifying ‘s dad


Are you being serious or joking? All PL clubs have skyrocketed since then. City have overtaken us in revenue and Liverpool are in the process of overtaking us:



We’ve done pretty well recently.
Just Kroenke to go.

Giroud…Gone, Sorry @Phoebica
Wilshere… Gone



Kroenke…Still here

At least Gazidis shaves his head, rather than than what our wig wearing waste of space owner, who’s responsible for dragging us down, does.
of space Kroenke


Getting rid of the best target man in the world is one of the worst decisions ever made by this football club. It most certainly should not be on a list of things we’ve “done well” :hipster:


His certainly got better with age but realistically we have got Aubameyang and Lacazette, and we wouldn’t have them if Giroud was still here.

I don’t dislike him, but I bundle Giroud in with players like Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs etc, as high earning, but far too inconsistent for a top club, that we seem to be offloading.

If it’s any consolation, I’m glad he won a world cup winners medal, and that most people will associate him with us rather than Chelsea.
Unless he wins the CL with them :wink:


This is definitely true :henry2::giroud3:


The whole striker situation post RVP is probably the best example of Wenger’s poor under and over investment.

In the end what £18m to Chelsea or Arsenal? Peanuts


Yep just that guy who recently got 100% control and ownership to go…


I don’t think he will go, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting him to.
Since he bought us he has done nothing apart from see us drop out of the CL places and behind all our rivals.


In fairness, he never said he was gonna do anything.


Yeah but his employees, presumably speaking somewhat on his behalf, made bold claims about us being able to compete on the level of Bayern Munich.

So whether he said it or not, he was evidently more than happy for others in his employment to say things. So really, what’s the difference?


What has Kroenke done that stops us competing with Bayern?


It’s not really the point though. You said he hasn’t said anything, which is true. I’m saying that his mouthpieces/employees have, so really there’s no difference. They speak on his behalf, and they very much led us to believe that big things would be happening with him as owner. Just because he didn’t say it himself doesn’t mean it isn’t on him, that’s the nature of a hierarchical organisation imo. Your underlings are meant to toe the party line you set, and I’ve seen nothing to indicate that Kroenke wasn’t happy with their public pronouncements. So it is absolutely reasonable for people to hold him to account for what his employees said we were capable of.

But what he’s done to stop us competing with Bayern is not hiring/firing people when he should have done. Which is a pretty huge determinant of success. So he isn’t remotely blameless for the fact that we haven’t lived up to what his employees have said we would do.


That’s grand so. :mustafi:

Definitely never said/suggested that Kroenke is blameless.


Failed to get rid of a manager that was clearly past it for years, surely if he’s the owner he has the power to do that ? Or do you just lay all the blame on Gazidis for that ?


You didn’t say he’s blameless but you did ask what he’s done to prevent us competing with teams like Bayern, and I answered that.

To be honest I’m starting to lose track of why we’re ‘arguing’ anyway :cristo:


What about the nose. How is that big fishknife of a nose acceptable to you?


Gazidis was a good CEO and there’s nothing to suggest otherwise. Those saying it’s good that he’s gone do not know what they are talking about.