Ivan Gazidis


I agree, but as a fan I’m allowed to be annoyed and point out what can be described as a dereliction of duty. If you are going to produce changes in an organization, leaving before you’ve finished your job for better pay isn’t the best look.


Apparently though Josh loves Arsenal though and really wants it to be his project and he is quite good at what he does…will be interesting to see what he can do.


I’m excited. Look I know the Kroenke’s aren’t the most popular bunch and a lot of people point to the relative lack of sporting success their other teams have. Looking at what they’ve done with the Rams is encouraging though.

Took a hard choice to move to a bigger and better market. Made a ballsy hire for their head coach - a super young wunderkind types, similar to that fella at Hoffenheim. They’ve been aggressive with their trades, paying top dollar for absolute studs. They’ve set the team up to compete for the superbowl this year.

The NFL is cut throat when it comes to personel management. They’re also (and take this with a pinch of salt, because this is just my opinion from watching stuff like Hardknocks) ahead of football when it comes to sports science and analytics. It’s partly also due to the nature of the game, but most of the work happens in the film room. They prepare meticulously for the opponents they’re about to face.

I think bringing some of that over here would be great. I look forward to Josh taking over the reigns and really be a catalyst for change.


Josh Kroenke as CEO may be brilliant… or terrible… I think of it this way - he will put around him smart people to handle the details of the business side (like Gaz seemed to do well)… don’t really think that will crash and burn honestly. The football side he will probably stay relatively hands-off, but here is the difference… he is son of owner and now squarely in the position to be accountable…

That means he is more likely for his own ego’s sake to want to make a mark (like the rest of the rich bastards out there)… he could just ring the register and remain behind the scenes otherwise… this is an official position in charge and now he will be vilified or loved by fans - people like him are not immune to that and frankly he is in position to put us in more aggressive financial position.

Do I think we will operate at a loss long-term? No, but I think we will be more willing to operate at the edge from time to time and perhaps even cross that line in the short-run…

Its an ego thing - Josh now has something he can look like a darling and create a legacy in sport…

Anyway, it is a theory.


I know that people hate AFTV but i saw this a while ago it is worth a listen, he is interviewing that super agent again, and he feels that Josh could be very valuable to Arsenal.


I don’t see how it’s cowardly to receive a better offer and take it. I’m sure he’d have taken it before Wenger’s departure if it was a possibility. It’s not his fault that he was doing his job and caught the eye of someone else.


So he goes there just to make a profit and then leaves. Financial shark.


Could literally give zero fucks.


I’m not sure Josh has anything to do with their NFL franchise.


Was more a comment regarding KSE, not necessarily Josh.


Given he’s reliant on making friends with CEOs/Boards he’s hardly going to say Josh is a prick who will run the club into the ground is he?

Oh except he does. ‘Why shouldn’t Kroenke borrow against the club’.



Made official now, too.


The fact that he’s been here 10 years shocks me more than anything else, time fucking flies :scream:


Ivan not getting replaced at least frees up a pretty big wage.


Safe too assume that nothing will change?


The fact that he’s not being replaced by an external candidate of high standing says a lot to me about how little him leaving is going to impact us.


Is big Vinai the first brown head of a football club you think?


Can anyone shed any light on the “new heights” AC Milan’s new “world class” CEO took us to? Have we even come close to a league title since he joined us?


Well in some ways, 6th is higher than 1st I guess.