Ivan Gazidis


Coming from you :arteta:


When I speak that way, I’m not comparing us to Liverpool or Spurs, but I mentioned them as a blueprint for what I think sides should look to do.

The fact is that we are not going to be near as passive as how Wenger had us, and it’s a certainty that Emery will have us playing more direct and looking to win the ball further up the pitch then what we’ve been used to. I’m not hailing him as some kind of pressing genius, but that is going to be added to our game in a way that we haven’t seen it because Wengers sides in the end were so slow and tedious it was embarassing.

You also can’t deny that tactically, he’s much more astute then Wenger and the players will actually be given instructions now instead of being left to their own devices.


That’s setting an extremely, extremely low bar. And the kind of gung-ho language in that post did/does not reflect how low of a bar it is. We’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of managers in Europe and in pro football that comply with these conditions, or that is, fall above this extremely low bar.

By the way, I strongly agree with this part; which is one of the many reasons Emery strikes me as a lamentable appointment, and one of the reasons I signalled you linking Emery to such a blueprint was powerful propaganda at best.


Jaysus you are beyond negative. So what happens if he exceeds expectations even winning something in his 1st season gets us maybe even to a good place in the league maybe even winning it will it be ‘luck’ or ‘the league standard was crap this season if it was of a better standard he would have done nothing’ nothing appeases you. If he trains the players well ‘its the basics you expect rom a manager.’ If he drills them well ‘well a manager does that’ if he gets them winning something he probably will be lucky. If this was a manager of your liking if it was Arteta you would be saying wooooooooow look at the changes already look at this, face it you are just agenda driven.


lol no. I would’ve much preferred Arteta because I am an optimist/idealist at heart and will always believe in an entirely unknown entity who in theory checks many boxes than a known mediocre entity, but there are many, many candidates that would’ve at least given me some hope about Arsenal going forward (and perhaps more importantly, some hope about the competence of the decision makers in charge). I understand, I guess (adjusting for the dullardarity of posters on a football forum :wink: ), that some people saw my lighthearted expression of that optimism/idealism I have at heart–similar to the kind I like to express with other people/footballers I have a great soft spot for like Diaby–as agenda, but it’s really not about that, lol, I never (until those last few days where the rumours actually got pretty strong) actually thought we would hire Arteta, it was more fantasy and whimsy.

You can choose to believe me or not, but I guarantee you, you would not have seen me complaining for a second if we had hired Jardim, or Sarri, or Buvac, or Fonseca, or even Enrique, or any number of names I could list. Even Allegri, whose appointment I was pretty skeptical of, looks an absolute dream right now in retrospect.


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I fucking tried this before (because the question actually interests me!) and I got a load of gifs thrown my way, but to try and be on topic, do people think this guy might actually go to Milan? Anyone want to theorise on why he’d want to? As I said, surely logic dictates that he’d want to give this new structure he’s implemented a good go?


There’s absolutely only one reason he might go there. Short term €€€€€€€

Arsenal are a stable as fuck operation where he really doesn’t have to do a lot. He would have to work his balls off at Milan to try get them competitive, get them to make more money etc etc etc. There are also no guarantees at Milan. He could be fucked after a year or two if these new owners turn out to be a shambles too.


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Regarding Gazidis, the fact Milan are owned by an american hedge fund now could favour the move. Still don’t believe it.


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