Ivan Gazidis


Aww, the feeling is mutual Will :hugs: , was nice to have the chance to hang out with an open minded/informed person about politics, football, and culture–pretty damn laid back yourself for the record, haha–we need to do more 20 something englishmen like yourself in Madrid/Spain, would do wonders for the reputation of the british here!

And yes, I know, haters, I could’ve sent this via PM or whatsapp but it’s worth letting the public know what a crack one of the top, but most unassuming, posters on this forum is like!


Did he wear a mask and only take it off in 5 minute intervals?


Apparently he has left nostril to Elliot, who now own Milan.

But yeah think it’s a non starter, they may want him but he’s got what he wanted here so not now.

But then again…

And Italian media had Torreira before anyone else…

If this bald bastard patches us now…


Maybe Josh is gonna come in, someone earlier said he is actually quite good? Who knows what is going on it doesn’t make sense for him to leave right now just after changing so much stuff.


He’s just overseen one of the biggest manegerial departures of a world class club since Fergie left united. Its just doesn’t make any sense for him to leave.


I want Ivan to stay only because I’m curious to find out how he’d do at running the club without Arsene around. He’s made a bunch of new hires and put a new structure in place, it all looks good on paper.

I know guys like Andrew from Arseblog really hate Ivan because of how silent Ivan was when things were bad under Wenger. But I want to see how these new hires work out before passing judgment on Ivan.

The managerial appointment was a little meh and so far the player recruitment is a lot of BVB retreads even if Auba and Mhki look great. Ivan always talked a lot of shit about how the club was going to be great and he’d better deliver.

Actually, now that I think about it, this might be the perfect time for him to jump ship to Milan. If things go wrong here, he’ll be long gone. If things go right, he gets a huge boost.


Although it’s been a very small sample so far, couldn’t it be argued we’ve seen practical results already?

The speed of multiple 1st team transfers was fast this year, would seem to point to a more streamlined negotiation process which no doubt it represents a change from Wenger. I don’t buy that he would have been quicker in mind of the early deadline

I don’t think our signings have been a clear homeruns other than Torreira, but the point is senior management identified the gaps in the 11 and plugged them. We’ve had multiple contract renewals too

It’s a decent start to the post Wenger era, however alot of people have question marks about the players we’ve signed, renewed, the Manager and Sven. The results and the performances will speak for themselves.


Money talk? But i think he is already paid well.


Gazidis choosing to work for AC Milan is slightly similar to Klopp choosing the Liverpool job. There is a huge challenge in bringing back the fallen giants.


But isn’t that already exactly the task he has here?


It might be that he doesn’t get on with Kroenke or that he is being allowed to what he thinks is best for the club.

To be fair, I’m not sure what Gazidis has done for us that is so great.

Saying that, if the option is Gazidis or anyone who has the surname Kroenke, I would stick with Gazidis.


I’m not sure Arsenal can be brought back and if this is not the new reality. Not with this ownership at least. The Liverpool ownership has experience in making a successful team.


What success would that be? :santi:


I assume he means in a US sport rather than Liverpool


Success doesn’t necessarily have to be measured in trophies.

The fact that Liverpool have a great manager, a great team that is playing some of the most exciting football in Europe and are in the CL places, certainly makes them more successful than us.


They have that on the walls at Spurs’ new stadium


Ultimately, it generally is. I doubt you’d be so charitable when it comes to us.


It feels a bit like he’s done all he can here. Give yourself a 5 year timespan, is it easier to take Arsenal “forward” in those 5 years, or Milan? I think to take Milan from a bit of a mess to not a mess is an easier task, and with a little investment I imagine in the longer term it’ll be easier to make an Italian club successful over an English one.

To take Arsenal forward from here feels like a big task. Our biggest hopes for a consistent CL place are declines in clubs like Spurs or Chelsea but no matter what we do we’re always likely to be a step behind the likes of City and United.

Fom a personal point of view too it’ll be easier for him in the future to be the guy who was relatively successful as a CEO of two big clubs rather than just one where it may look like he had a pretty comfy ride.

It also sounds like he may have been undermined by the ownership regarding the Wenger situation last year and if that’s true then we don’t know how many other disagreements there have been over things.

Where Milan is now owned by a fund, maybe he’ll actually get full control of those sorts of decisions. I imagine they want him to bring self-sustaining growth to the club and if he can pull that off then he’ll be deserving of credit. If I was him, I think I’d take the opportunity to move on to another good job after a decade in the same one.


Reasonable points to be fair. I would say it’s a risk though, there’s no way of really knowing if this will be a stable, long lasting ownership situation in Milan or a bit of a shit show. But I suppose he’d have a better sense of that than we would.

I don’t really know if Gazidis is much good or not, if we’d miss him at all, I’m just slightly averse to the idea of more upheaval. A period of stability feels like it might be good.

I’ll be fucked if I know really, guess we’ll just have to roll with the punches either way.


In the last few seasons we have won more trophies than Liverpool and spurs put together but i would rather be in their position in the CL and with two great managers than having had to put up with the embarrassment of being overtaken by both of them for two seasons in a row.