Ivan Gazidis


Starting now, lets see if he has anything interesting to say


He’s giving Wenger credit for making George Weah think he was good enough to be a president

He made a president! Legend!


Would be good if he didn’t read all the time…


“The process of finding a successor starts today” FFS. Surely they must have had some discussions/tested the water at least?


Lol I had a feeling they wouldn’t have.

Out of respect for Wenger they wouldn’t have approached anybody until it was 100% clear he was going.

Well let’s see


Hasn’t said anything interesting, and they probably don’t know who they want as successor yet…


Yeah it’s rubbish, he won’t confirm anything. He doesn’t know who will take over, he doesn’t know if Wenger will have a role…


Standard words from him. Let’s just wait and see.


Forget Simone, Allegi etc

It’s being made very clear we’ll be going for an attack minded manager


Gazidis addressing Ornstein by his first name :grinning:


Luca the voice of reason :flushed:

Did he call him Davey lad?


Yep, looks like it.


Just got to pray there is still an opportunity for Tuchel.

Despite him looking certain for PSG, it’s still not been announced and it was meant to be ages ago, no?


Jardim sounds very plausible too. Has less “baggage” than Tuchel


And Löw (I hate to say it lol)


Fuck off with your Löw. That really would be a low!


Van gaal


Folks let’s be serious, we all know that what this club needs is a proper football man ready to bring some pashun back to the masses.

Can’t wait to hear Owen Coyle’s first press conference.


Imagine if we were stuck with this guy



So Tuchel or Jardim.


Given what Gazidis said those 2 are absolute best case scenario.