Ivan Gazidis


It’s a quarterly update. That’s the reality of where we are this quarter.


But the tone and perceived ambition of the club has changed.
It will be interesting to see what platitudes Gazidis and Wenger come up with at the end of the season, before the transfer window opens.
The expectation level will be a lot lower to what we’ve heard in previous seasons, and the excuses will be coming out early on in the window, especially if we fail to get a top four place again.

Gazidis is just as bad as Wenger and Kroenke.
I don’t trust any of them.


Let’s celebrate the fight for a Champions League spot. How the mighty have fallen!


The only man who can save us, but Kroenke and Wenger are clearly going against him. Dirty bastards.




But Wenger is still in charge. Time to act.


Are you not bored yet?


Ivan with his classic quote

‘we still believe Arsene is the correct person to bring the club forward’

if he came out with that you watch people lose their shit.


Until they make an announcement otherwise, that is pretty much the only thing he should say.


Pretty sure at this thing last year Ivan deliberately didn’t say anything like this. He said there would be changes and there were.

Now that we have what I would guess is a legit sporting set up I would be surprised if Gazidis was attached to Wenger. He’s a CEO of a large organisation and he’s answering to his shareholder(s) so there’s no room for sentiment. Kronke might have been happy as long as the money was rolling in but there’s no reason for Gazidis to be happy with how things are right now. If we look bad, he looks bad too.


in reality i think Gazidis does more than people realise and he has been doing a lot behind the scenes but i remember this being one of his soundbites couldnt remember when he last said it. I dont think he wants him here either just was saying better be one of those soundbites in that meeting because it would really piss people off.


Don’t worry, he’ll be his biggest supporter by mid week.


Josh Kroenke wanted to be here today but had a charity commitment. Getting involved a lot at the moment trying to get a full understanding of everything Arsenal. Which is causing a bit of controversy in the US that he has decided to put things on hold and have moved to London in order to concentrate on Arsenal.

Talking about knowing Raul Sanllehi from MLS days. Very well known in the industry. Mentioned he has overseen 8 manager changes at Barcelona. Played down the meaning of job titles with respect to ‘Director of Football’.

Saying Raul does a lot more than that across European football. Gives Arsenal a voice/position at the top tables in European football


More and more I get the feeling Sanhelli’s role at Barcelona is being overstated by Arsenal fans/people. If you consider he worked there since 03/04 as part of the marketing team in the beginning (transfermarkt.com), Barcelona even didn’t have eight coaches during that time. Valverde is the 6th.


I think the truth is nobody really knows what his role was (or is :grin:) . But I can only assume Ivan hired him on the basis of a bit more than “he was at Barca”. But even then maybe having someone with a real working knowledge of how a club on that scale is managed and operates is beneficial. Not everyone gets hired because they’re a guru who’s done it all and has a great track record. Is it unrealistic to assume that the #4/5/6 guy at Barca climbs the ladder and hits a ceiling then takes a step up and a gamble to become the #2/3 guy at Arsenal? (I’ve no idea where he was in the pecking order there or here)


You sure about the bold part :wink:?

I think what you’re describing in your last sentence probably comes the closest too what is happening with that appointment. But I feel like it all gets exaggerated at/by Arsenal fans/people.


Seems like the beautiful bald bastard wasn’t bullshitting with the whole catalyst for change thing.


Press conference soon. Is it live?


Arsenal have just this second tweeted this:


Can watch it on the website or app


Not working for me the piece if shit