Ivan Gazidis


Yeah I suppose you blokes have a point that at the time he’s gone with the best bid at dals that didn’t look bad, its just a shame for us that hindsight has proved they are pretty average deals in the overall landscape of the game.




on an objective basis we perform very well and have over a long period of time."


The issue is he’s negotiated a piss poor deal that’s far lower than our rivals with a long term tie in after a previous piss poor deal with long term tie in. If it had a shorter tie in for say 3 years there wouldn’t be an issue as we could re-negotiate a better deal with the highest bidder today.


The only long term tie in is the stadium naming rights.

We’re on the verge of discussing our next kit & main sponsor deals now.


Yeah there’s already been rumblings about Addidas needing a major London presence again.

It’s quite a good time to negotiate actually. You can use other club’s deals as a precedent.


That would be a great deal if we could get Adidas to pump hundreds of millions into the club.

Great for Kroenke that is.


When does the stadium naming rights deal end ?


Right but we’re tied in until '19 with the shirt sponsor too though getting half of what Chelsea get for several years and we can’t even sell the arm sponsorship in that time.



I hope we never change sponsor

Fly Emirates goes with every shirt we have and changes colour to go along with the shirt. Its the perfect sponsor


Loved the shirts when O2 was sponsor. Twas clean, short and non intrusive.


Couldn’t give a shit, shirt sponsors are inherently ugly anyway, I’ll take whoever gives us the most money.


Like we’re even gonna spend it though :wink:


Chelsea actually broke up their deal with Adidas to sign with Nike. If the money is truely there you would think Arsenal would apply a similar construction.

The deal with Nike wasn’t made by Gazidis back in 2003 or 2004 and had too be long term in order too solve and secure stadium financing. I’ve read Nike was given the option at the time to extend the deal too if they wanted.


Thing is though, we seem to do well out of our deals and then a few months down the line the other clubs start negotiating better deals so leaving us behind again.


You never want to be the first to negotiate a deal like that because it sets a benchmark for the other clubs when they start negotiating their own deals but I guess it becomes a vicious cycle at that point



Can’t really look at it that way. When you are in a massive inflationary period, some of it just comes down to luck when your deal comes up… we are still behind a few, but we were in a huge hole before the new deals. At least we are back to respectability commercially - if only we could get our act together footballing-wise.


It’s interesting that only last season Gazidis and Wenger were talking about being able to afford any player and challenging for the PL title and the CL.
This season Gazidis is talking about about the race to qualify for the CL, as if that’s some sort of achievement for a top European club.

They seem to be lowering the bar in every statement they make.