Ivan Gazidis


Partnership is the key word here though, those sponsors need to want to sign up, now we have a new person for that anyway and also we used to have another person that was doing that commercial stuff not just gazidis his name was Vinai Venkatesham i dunno if he is still here or not but he was the chief commercial officer.


This… if you think Gaz can remove AW unilaterally, you haven’t been paying attention. I reckon this is his last contract and Kroenke will live to regret it, but Gaz has his hands tied… I welcome someone else getting more involved in the negotiation process - not really sure how it relates to StatDNA buys (which I think is a lazy conclusion anyway)… if anything, it will hopefully ensure we are more decisive and aggressive with targets AW and scouting team identifies…


Of course it’s all hypothetical, but I haven’t read great things about his time at Bayern so far. Think there is a bit of gulf between him and Guardiola (of course his history stands out above most)


Didn’t he want to manage us sometimes ago? Get him now!


Yeah, Carlo doesn’t really excite me at this point, tbh. Would much rather Tuchel or Nagelsmann (Carlo’s rumoured replacement). Or Hassenhuttl?



No thanks, he’s unproven and hasn’t demonstrated that he’d remedy some of the key issues this club and by extension team has i.e. defence.

Sure he’d be unpredictable with formations, get us playing more attractive football but he’s not balanced enough at least from what I’ve seen so far, very much Klopp-esque at this point.

It’s not like Pep’s time at Bayern was a total success either tbh, Carlo surpasses him if he manages to win the CL during his tenure.

Think you’re downplaying Ancelotti really.


Yeah I’ve read a lot of rumours linking Nagelsmann with Bayern.

On Carlo; he’s still an ‘A-list’ who carries alot of weight amongst players and fellow managers but I still don’t feel as if he could take this team to the next level. I wouldn’t really fancy him to suceed here, least of all develop a suitable style of play for us.


What’s a suitable style of play for us?

I would be very curious to see Ancelotti @Arsenal. But yeah at this point he’s already coaching at the highest level for 15-20 years.


Apparently he netted himself a tidy 919 K bonus taking his salary to 2.61 million quid or something of the sort.


I can’t take issue with that


I’m not sure what he actually does.


No one is!


Secures sponsorship deals that are a long way off the other top clubs & talks drivel about how much ambition we have from time to time.


Nearly sacked Wenger too.


What ever he does, he doesn’t do it very well.


In fairness to him he did also say last seasons terrible run of form in the league would be a catalyst for change, so there is that. Also said that we’d be on a Bayern Munich level, they seem to be good at blowing 2 goal leads these days.


You mean apart from making a heck of a lot of money? Maybe Arsene knows :wenger:

TBH, I don’t know what Wenger does anymore, and that is a bigger worry.


To be fair to him, the Emirates and Puma deals (as well as a few others I seem to recall him making at the time) were considered to be good deals at the time, no?


You are judged on hindsight, how do those deals look now ?


Fine for the time they were agreed…he didn’t have much choice but to agree them when he agreed them and he went with the best bid. What’s the issue?