Ivan Gazidis


Lets see if he does better, if the DOF is true then it will be wengers last year after this season and he wont renew because he doesnt want a DOF. Wonder who it will be if we get one.


Complete speculation in that article about a DOF. The best leap you could make is Gazidis potentially trying to be a Dein. It’ll probably happen once Wenger goes but there’s nothing to say that one will just turn up and then Wenger will be forced to go because of it.

If it’s true that he’s making these moves then fair play to him. He’s the CEO of a big organisation which has something like 500 employees, so he’s in charge of way more than just 25 players and their contracts but being the top man at a football club means people’s perception of him will always be based on how effectively the football side of it runs more than how much he can get Carlsberg to pay to build a lounge.

At least if he learns more about the role he’ll be better placed to identify a director in the future. And I guess a coach too.


Maybe Dick Law was just inept at his job.

I actually have a good feeling about Gazidis. I believe he wants to take us further and fulfill our potential.


This new role he is said to be taking possibly explains why he stayed also (as well as the massive salary of course). I had thought he would walk away if Wenger stayed but perhaps he did some negotiating of his own with Kroenke and got some additional power for himself. It certainly puts him in a more scrutinable position and that’s something he really didn’t have to do so I trust his motives in making this move.


Rumour is(ESPN), Ancelotti is unsettled at Bayern and wants to come to England.

Now’s the time to make your move, Ivan.


I want this so bad. Wenger can then go to PSG.


No chance we sack Wenger. He will 100% see out his two years.


Yeah that’s the biggest worry. At least all the big jobs in the Prem are taken so we won’t lose him to a rival.


Yeah but I can dream


As if a rival would want him!


He is probably talking about Ancelotti :smiley:


I thought the same thing after typing it lol


You got there in the end haha


He is a top manager.
I could see him sorting out the mess Wenger has made over the last few seasons and turning it round.
He would attract decent players here as well.
If Gazidis knows anything about football, he should be all over this.


Only just seeing this. If this happens this could well mean more StatDNA signings like Gabriel, Elneny, Lucas Perez and Mustafi. This is the same type of system that saw Liverpool sign Andy Carroll, Henderson, Downing for many times our transfer record. The same system that saw them sign anyone who’s ever played for Southampton.

Not to mention it’s Gazidis the man who’s already botched our commercial deals. What could go wrong?


If Ancelotti is available then we really should do all we can to get him.

He could go back to Milan though.


I dont think Gazidis has been given the power to botch anything as such wenger dabbles too much i dont think he did too much on the commercial side of things either. could be wrong but i think Gazidis actually wants to do well but isnt given enough backing.


Has he? Care to expand on that?


Gazidis is fully responsible for our sponsorship deals, which are all significantly worse than most of the top6 and on par with Spurs. He could also have sold sleave sponsorship, but hasn’t.


Of course would take Carlo here in a heartbeat, however, there’s no move to make when Kroenke is backing Wenger.

Gazidis has gone up against Wenger already and lost, there’s no way to win now the contract has been signed barring a miracle.