Ivan Gazidis


Wow that was really grim.

Shame it’s come to this. I wonder what the next five years have in-store for us.


We’re already in decline…


Fact is the fans have been swindled, not only that but we are taken for granted and treated with contempt.

Until the fans start to protest with their money jack shit will change, people can protest all they like but it’s fleeting and just words so the effects are not long lasting.

Economic protest is the only way to make these cunts listen and bring about significant change.

You see people banging on and on and they they go out and buy multiple kits for the latest season, it’s incredibly naive.


I still am peeved about the move to the Emirates (yes I know I should move on :laughing:). Even ignoring the fact that Highbury was infinitely better, you have to really question if the move has done us more harm than good. Not even just the move but the timing of it. Since the explosion of finance available to clubs now it would’ve been much more beneficial to make the move now. Guess hindsight can’t really be used to here but still.


Boycott and hope Usmanov can finally kick this greedy board out of the door.


The move to the Emirates was, for me, the last forward thinking thing the club did. It’s the follow up that has been bullshit, the decision itself was fine.


Its all relative… and from their perspective, we were still going for it until this last year where we barely missed out on 4th… not saying I agree (I don’t lol), but I think that is the perspective they were operating with… highly flawed, but not totally insane. The article in arseblog sums it up quite well - many “good things” about this summer, but put into total context is a shambles.


The move is another shitty excuse they use to justify this BS


It would be very Arsenal to think last season was an incident and not that the Premier League landscape is changing again (Liverpool catching up with the old new top four).


I know what you mean.
This again.
Another rubbish transfer window, again.
Wenger is at least consistent with ability of selling world class players players rather than buying them.


We’ll never sign another player with similar quality to Özil or Sanchez EVARR AGAIN. Sounds reasonable. @Oliver thoughts?


Finally talking sense :wenger:


Not while Wenger is the manager.

Even if he wanted to, do you seriously think a world class player would come here?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but every world class player we’ve had has left because we aren’t ambitious enough.
I think the word has probably got round amongst Europe’s elite players that Sanchez and Ozil want to leave because of our pathetic transfer policy and lack of CL football.

Nice try from you though, sticking up for the club but like Wenger, your attempts to make us look like an ambitious club won’t wash anymore.


So if Gazidis got his way, Hasenhuttl would have been our coach? I think he confirmed the link and I can’t remember reading rumors about other managers. Not to say there weren’t any.




I assume we have three people making decisions at Arsenal; Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger. If Kroenke and Wenger hadn’t found each other and Wenger walked away Gazidis would appoint his successor?


It’s the name I was huhing at rather than the series of events. Has Gazidis mentioned him or something?


No. But around December last year we were linked with the manager of RB Leipzig who said there was some truth in the links. Could be he was joking tho.


I thought you knew something I didn’t and was immediately concerned. :slight_smile:


I know nothing.