Ivan Gazidis


its Low…think about it, look at the staff appointments and the players we are looking at getting and have got, i am quite sure it is him.


I’m cool with it as long as he does his weird fake Dutch accent the whole time.






Arteta=overrated fucker.

Get a grip.


You can’t really say he’s overrated tbh, you could be the best up and coming manager in the world for all we know. Shall be very interesting to watch Arteta’s progression at whatever club he ends up at.


I would say the chances of him not being up to the task (yet) of managing a club our size are quite a bit higher than those of him being another Wenger circa 1996


If Arteta that good surely he gets the city job in 2 years when Pep goes. Somehow we know that wont happen dont we.


Considering pep is contracted until 2021 it will be at least 3 years haha.


Fair one then. Point stands and he wont be on Chelsea or Sunderlands list either this summer.


Can’t wait to see Emery giving Guardiola, Klopp, Poch, and Sarri nightmares! :joy:

Ivan bigger cunt than Mourinho, this guy.


Gave Klopp one in the Europa cup final.


“Who would have Klopp instead of Emery?” thread incoming


Well we passed on that one didnt we. Everything comes back to the bloke all the tears where for 2 weeks ago. Legacy.


Rumors that they are offering Vieira the HC job if he stays in NY instead of taking the Nice job. So City don’t even want Arteta once Pep leaves…


That wont happen either will it.


Probably not, to me they both seem massively underwhelming. Vieira eapecially though lol he’s not even very good in the MLS ffs :joy:


Go cry under a rock, you Arteta fanboy.



Good luck having a unified vision under this model, you stupid cunt. The values Wenger worked so hard to instill in the framework and reputation of this club will soon be gone. Of course we needed to modernise–we needed to modernise long before we actually did, as the article rightly points out, and which Gazidis failed to do, instead basically using Wenger as a shield–but a complete compartmentalisation will not work either. The manager needs to have a vision and have an important say in personnel decisions in order to carry out that vision.