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The media is also blatantly obvious in pursuing agendas against those who don’t tow the One True Narrative ™.

I’m reading the NYT every day and at one point it was just comedy. In the last weeks it was article after article every day slating Musk and Tesla, either separately or combined. Tesla this, Tesla that. Now Tesla up 40% from it’s lowest low a few weeks ago. Suddenly crickets.

Scrolling through the comments on their articles, it looked like bots: all in unison. Nobody buys a Tesla anymore, everybody hates Musk.

Then out in the real world, I know plenty of people who like Musk, some who bought a Tesla and plenty who would like to buy one.

I have been grounded to one perspective on Tesla’s stock and on its possibilities and I have given ample of arguments and evidence to support my belief in Tesla stock.

The reason I counter the anti-Musk posters is because I simply read a lot of stuff about him which is easily refuted and which are quite frankly: lies.

I don’t particularly like all of his shenanigans, but nobody is perfect. Neither is Musk, he is human after all. :wink:

One bonus is, that he antagonises liberals, who I have much disdain for. I don’t see US liberals as left. For me they are corporate hacks. All the virtue signalling is just that. All the identity politics is just to distract and divide, so they can further continue their real agendas: together - mind you - with the Republicans. That’s why I call them the Uniparty. Their real agenda is maintain American Hegemony and keep destabilising every region in this world for their benefit. Human cost be damned.


Yeah I saw that tweet. Petulant behaviour from Musk.

But he is not the US government and the current administration doesn’t really get along well with him. :slight_smile:

Petulant is generous as fuck lol

He’s an immoral piece of shit billionaire who is happy to benefit from the American hegemony you and I hate so much. He’s happy to treat people who work for him like shit, and while I know you have a disdain for identity politics and some aspects of the left, I know you are mostly left wing in your beliefs and care about things like the treatment of workers and neoimperialism.

I know you like investing in Tesla but I still don’t understand why you run so much defence for a piece of shit who clearly doesn’t share any of your views on world affairs or politics generally. It’d be so much easier to just say that he’s a piece of shit but you like making money off one of his companies.


What and be accused of being a hypocrite on an Internet forum? Never gonna happen🙂

I couldn’t work for someone like Musk. But, I couldn’t work for most bosses, surprise there :wink:

That’s why I consider myself lucky that I can make a living being self employed. I appreciate that this is working out for me.

I don’t condone how he treats his workers, but I do think there are people who thrive in such companies and those who don’t have literally millions of other companies they can go to and apply for a job.

Why would I just say that? When I don’t think so? Can you please explain this to me?

I will never hide the fact that I like making money off of his company, but I also firmly believe in Tesla, Solar City and Space X.

I have said this before. Nobody in their right mind would dabble into EVs when he took over Tesla in early 2000s. When EVs were seen as extremely niche and unprofitable. Tesla under his scepter turned that around and made all other automakers now scramble to play catch up in manufacturing EVs. This is why I invest in Tesla.

I love solar energy and I think Space X is contributing to the good as well, to take us one step further. Donating StarLink to Ukraine at the time I think was a great gesture and great job he did. To keep them afloat, that he couldn’t keep paying for it out of his company’s pocket I think is just fair end the DoD should pick up the tab.

I did the UK voting test a while ago and posted the results here. I had the Green Party as my top result. It correlates with my actions. I voted on multiple occasions for these parties in The Netherlands, first one mentioned I voted for most recently and 2 elections ago: Groen Links (Green Left), SP (Socialist Party) and D66 (Democrats '66 - established in 1966).

I won’t say he is a piece of shit. I don’t think he necessarily is. He says things and behaves like one sometimes, but I think he is just a giant nerd who found some limelight he is enjoying right now. He says things to piss people off, which seems to be working.

This is your typical Tesla customer. They’re everything you hate @Forever , neo-lib petit bourgeois that pay lip service to social justice causes.

Didn’t bother reading the entire article. But I saw this in your article:

I liked how it drove. I really loved the one-pedal driving. You put your foot on the pedal and it just goes fast. It allowed me to get out of situations very quickly because other cars just can’t match its acceleration. Supercharging was wonderful when I went on long-distance trips.

I liked it so much that when my warranty was going to be up in 2020, I thought, “OK, I’d better trade it in for my second Tesla Model S.”

Sounds like she really liked her Tesla. :slight_smile:

Ditching it over politics and getting a luxury Mercedes instead. Ok :joy:

You’re right. I have a strong disdain for this type.

Was even on the BBC front page earlier :slight_smile:

Almost like they want to push down the stock price. Can’t blame them. It went up 60% in the last 3 weeks :joy:

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BMW cut prices of their vehicles between 3.500-10.000.
FORD cut prices of their vehicles, such as the EV Mustang Mach-E - and they are not even profitable on the Mach-E. So they will lose money.

Traditional automakers have thin margins or even lose money on their EV fleet.

Whereas Tesla cuts prices and still maintains large healthy margins.


Toyota replacing their CEO to help play catch up in the EV market. :slight_smile:

Only because he mentioned he wasn’t so sure EV’s were the way to go

Saw this back last week, as a petrol head this for me is disappointing.
Responsible for Toyota’s resurgence in making good performance cars again, promoted the Lexus LFA, gave the green light for the Toyota GR models in the Yaris and the GR86 which all sold out incredible quickly, brought the legendary Supra name back to life. Then
you have the Prius, not in the slightest exciting but has led the way for alternate energy driven cars.
Under his stewardship, toyay are now relevamt again within motorsports, WRC and Le Mans.

Shame really, hope they don’t retort back to making pensioner cars again under this new dude.

Amazon up another 5% in the pre-market. Randomly noticed how low it was about a week ago and bought some shares, risen 15% since then :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

Palantir also rising quite well atm, managed to dca when it was 6$ so gained a bit back on that but still a long way to go.

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All tech (except apple less) stocks dropped significantly, so good moment to DCA and buy low last weeks. Tesla is up a 60% from a few weeks ago.

I am now diversifying for the first time in a while into chat gpt related stocks


Yeah exactly, was actually you banging on about Tesla that made me look again.

I haven’t been investing anymore money for almost a year now but starting noticing the trend turning upwards, so jumped in a couple relatively obvious stocks before it was too late.

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Well - invest when stuff is as low as it was / is now rather than when everyone and their dog are investing because it is at its highest :slight_smile:

Except for long term holds, it will matter less. Whatever you believe in, is a good shout then.

I have been DCAing into Tesla every week for months now.

For me the next big opportunity are the OpenAI related stuff.

You guys think the s&p 500 will have a good year or drop again?

Forecasts before were poor