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You’re clearly just jealous

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He invented Twitter bro.

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I bought loads of more Tesla last weeks.

Literally the entire market fell and Tesla is one of them stocks that fell comparatively the least.

Musk had to sell Tesla stock to fund twitter. So the price dropped. Good opportunity to buy.

Nothing changed about Tesla’s performance. Production keeps increasing. Sales keep going up. Cars are sold out and there is a waiting line.

AI, autonomous driving and battery improvements are constantly continuing amongst many other things.

The agenda with you people is strong :ozil:

Just buy some shares and hold until retirement.

This company is so full of potential and innovation.

This is Tesla last 5 years:

+900% disgusting weak performance.



@Forever you still on the Tesla train? Also, do you actually own a Tesla or is it more of a stock/financial security to you?

Genuine question because I’m fascinated by people who buy these conmen’s bullshit.

Yes I am still 100% all in on Tesla. Bargain of the year so I have been buying every month more. At these prices it’s a great opportunity to DCA.

The fundamentals of Tesla are the same as they were before twitter and the macroeconomic situation. There is a lot of room to grow and expand for the foreseeable future and besides being a carmaker they’re a software company too. They manufacture their own batteries. Their R&D department is top notch.

They’re still meeting expectations every quarter and revenue is positive. Over the last 2 years they have consistently beat expectarions actually.

From the Reuters article:

for the first time in over a year, a major reversal after the stock soared nearly 2,000% from 2018 through their 2021 high. Tesla remains by far the top seller of electric vehicles.

When it went parabolic it has got to come down too. All tech stocks tumbled, granted recently Tesla went down more than others but others went more down before October. So it all kind of balances out.

I am holding for the long term 10-20 years. Periods like these will always come along.

We are in a recession after all. War ongoing, soaring inflation, energy crisis, interest rate hikes, no end insight.

I don’t own a Tesla car yet, but my girlfriend and I want to buy one eventually. Currently we have a Hyundai family car for the baby. There are still waiting lists of 3-6 months depending on the model in the Netherlands.


By the way, the conmen are your buddies at cnbc and all the mainstream media including Fox News which is nothing but the same as the rest just sowing division from the right. None of these two parties are left by any stretch of what left means in Europe. The uniparty marches forward anyway.

For the last 10 years this legacy media are trying to discredit Tesla and give bearish prognosis. In general the financial programmes are laughable and completely miss the mark most of the times.

These so called experts at these media are the true conmen. Not the retail investors and institutional investors who made big bank by buying Tesla early in and gaining 2000%+ profit.

It would be a more constructive conversation between us if you weren’t so overtly anti anything Musk related. You can not like him and still credit his achievements where credit is due. :slight_smile:

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My buddies at cnbc and fox news :ozil:

Ok so there’s allot to unpack there because you kind of went off on a tangent. To keep it brief, when it comes to your commitment to Tesla stocks you use buzzwords like “fundamentals” and likened Tesla to a tech company. Massive crypto vibes there.

Talk to any car enthusiast and they’ll tell you Teslas are “fundamentally” NOT well made vehicles. Other car manufacturers like Toyota have already caught up, offering affordable electric cars that are actually reliable and can be serviced anywhere. Not to mention Teslas proprietary charging tactics.

In short, it seems like Tesla is looking more and more like speculative asset reliant on Elon Musks public image (which is tanking) rather than it’s own quality and accessibility. It’s a luxury brand competing against better more accessible luxury car makers.

As for your last little dig about being anti-Elon, yes I admit I’d like to see the obnoxious man baby and his hoard of taint lickers disappear Thanos style. Since this is a stocks thread we can continue this convo about your grizzly bear hug around Elon’s ballsack in the Elon Musk thread.


Tesla fundamentals have nothing to do with crypto. Tesla is a tangible product. And the fundamentals are indisputable. I listed some of them.

You comparing this to Crypto says enough about your understanding of the stock Tesla or crypto for that matter. Rubbish.

Next paragraph. You throw around claims, “Toyota already caught up”, which are false claims. Lies. Toyota hasn’t caught up at all. In fact Toyota at first ignored electric and went a different route. Only because of Tesla’s success, have they started to work on proper electric cars (so not hybrids) as well. But as all other automakers they are still playing catch up.

The data firm found that Tesla’s market share of new registered electric vehicles in the U.S. stood at 65% through the third quarter, down from 71% last year and 79% in 2020.

I have friends with Teslas, so even though I don’t own myself yet, I have driven in them and I have heard first hand feedback about them. One person had some remarks about it and sold it and 2 other friends are loving their Teslas. I think Tesla cars are amazing to drive in, owning one I will be able to tell you its reliability.

Stocks in general are speculative assets. Automakers like ford, GM have hardly moved over the last decade. Some stocks disappear and some leep growing like Amazon and apple. That’s why Tesla will keep growing as it’s not just a carmaker, but much more than that which I have listed many times including in my previous post.

I have made most of my profit over the last years by accumulating Tesla stock. I have sold much of my portfolio to buy more Tesla stock and I don’t regret it ine second. In fact it is the best investment I have made and I know in another 10 years it will be worth much more than it does now. And I keep buying Tesla stock almost every month. We can bookmark this post and see where we at by that time. :slight_smile:

Genuine interest for me, what stocks do you trade in or hold?


You’re going to spend your daughters 10th birthday obsessing about dredging up this post the next day now :grin:


I suspect the bookmark will come as quite the ridiculous surprise when it pops up :grin:

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Exciting - let’s see then :smiley:

The beautiful thing about OA is that it’s perfectly plausible we’ll all still be here in 10 years lol


I’ve been here 13 years already, what’s another 10?

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Fucking hell, I’ll be mid 40s by then.

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But but but… their CEOs are quiet, tow the line and so all is bueno :ozil:

We all know the departments most of these layoffs are going to come from :rofl:

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Classic Amazon, flying under the radar and attracting no criticism whatsoever for their business practices.