Investments (Stonks)

I appreciate people who share their research, especially when it’s a quality one and it took them quite some time to do it.


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@Cristo are you still holding INRG? I sold today at a 40% profit but kind of sucks as only 3 weeks ago it was my best performer at 110%.

NASDAQ stocks have had a huge battering!

I was never in INRG! I’m glad I took my profit from CWR at 1400p though.

Every thing is taking a battering haha

Part of me is wondering whether the American economy has been too overheated and this last couple of weeks of red are a precursor to a significant downturn, although the $2tn stimulus check might change that.

Seriously considering putting some money in gold though. My friend is a miner and he says he could see it hitting $2400 by EOY. Might be a handy hedge if equities bottom out.

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Thanks man! Gold just feels sensible when you consider this year is still a mystery in all aspects.

And defintiely agree on America being overheated. In fact I’d say the global equities market as a whole is overheated, this has been one of the longest bull markets in history. Last year Covid threw a huge spanner in the works but the markets shrugged it’s shoulders and not only reinstated it’s gains but moved onto all time highs. Weird world.

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Someone told me last April COVID was incredibly bullish for the stock market. I thought he was insane at the time.

Fortunately with the lockdown restrictions we’ve barely met since then so he can’t tell me he was right and I was wrong :joy:

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@Cristo et al, thoughts on Rolls-Royce at the moment, do people think their jet engine production has room to bounce back once less planes are grounded due to Covid?

I was thinking about picking them up at 94 the other week but they’ve had a little surge recently, I feel like they might be a sleeping giant for the long term hold.

A bunch of my friends bought RR at 93p and they’re very pleased with it as it’s at like 100p now?

Short term I don’t think it’s the one. They’ve got like £4bn of debt and a £2bn cash out flow this year alone and they’re trying to work out a deal so they can shutter their plants for 2 weeks this summer to save money.

If you don’t mind holding for like 5-10 years I absolutely think it makes sense, it’s a giant of British industry and a huge brand so I’m certain it’ll make a comeback but if you’re looking to make money on it this year or next I’d be hesitant. I also think it got some lucrative government contracts to make rocket engines etc.

Just got absolutely fucked by COVID.

I don’t know enough about aviation to be comfortable getting into it though so I’m staying away.


Yeh as of today it’s at 108, low 90s would have been my entry point, I’ll wait and see if it dips. Obviously variants of the virus could fuck it but as you say it’s too quintessentially British to be allowed to go completely under. I like the risk reward aspect and I feel like it might be a solid hold for a few years.

Will think more on it, but I appreciate your input dude.

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Yeah that’s a much better gain than I’d have expected.

I guess in part it also depends on how many airlines will be looking to expand their fleets etc. in the near term and how much that has been put on hold.

But yeah as a defensive stock for a long term hold I think it’s a good buy. They just got a new CFO in last week as well, who they poached from PWC I think - he was their Head of Audit so I guess he’ll be in charge of helping them restructure their debt and get them back on the right path financially.

Any input @CliftonGeraldi?

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I brought £1000 of RR shares a month or so ago for 96.00. Up 15.74% in total as of today. Was thinking it’s a definite hold but reading the above comments, I’m not so sure now :sweat_smile:


Nah man I genuinely think it’s a good play, their reputation in engineering will see them have the chance to bounce back really hard in 2-3 years. I think they’re a great alternative to the travel and hospitality industry that a lot of people are buying into at the moment.

I don’t think they’ll get back to their previous all time high but I think the potential is definitely there.


GME up 103% today in the last hour lol $92

Here we go again


Reddit down for me right now as well…

This fucking stock man lol

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$115 after hours lol

you reckon it’s gonna go up again lol

Same here :joy:

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Saw a post yesterday morning, since the start of all this a guy is sitting at $8m.

He put in $1m, but at one point he was at $72m and didn’t sell… like what the fuck. That is some insanity.

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