International Friendlies


Was stunned with the 6-1 Spanish scoreline, they are every chance of winning the World Cup in 3 months time.


Exactly. You should be really worried for the WC :mustafi:


Fuck Spain tbh.

CR7 needs to shove a couple goals down their faces.


Sampaoli is obviously not good enough to manage the Argentine team. He looks clueless to me, and just seems stubborn. With the attacking talent available, No way the team should be struggling… definitely shouldn’t be getting embarrassed 6 - 1


And to think he doesn’t rate Dybala at all :facepalm:


Dybala has admitted it isn’t easy playing with Messi as they take up similar positions, he has no goals for Argentina in 12 appearances.

However, he should still be in the squad no question. Higuain has had more than enough chances, with Sampaoli in charge it’s very doubtful they win the World Cup even with Messi in top form.

Yesterday was embarrassing in terms of defending, that high line was caught out for fun and it’s not like Spain have an abundance of pace.


Sitting Ozil, Hummels, Hector, Khedira, Muller, and Werner (6 starters); and to start Gomez, sure Jogi Low was experimenting his lineup and players “again”.

Very entertaining game in between Brazil and Germany.


Yeah, both teams looked good, but i think Brazil had the edge, especially in the second half :smiley:


Yes, Brazil played better, without Neymar.

Don’t get me wrong, Neymar is the top 3-5 player in the world, but he just ballhog too much.


Super Mario back with a goal against Saudi Arabia! :mustafi:

Portugal leading Tunisia 2-1.

1-0 Portugal

2-0 Portugal. What a strike!

2-1 Tunisia. Another good goal.

Turkey beating Iran 2-0. That Everton guy is not that bad after all.

1-0 Turkey

2-0 Turkey


the France WC squad is pure filth

top top quality in all areas.


Maybe Super Mario can do that in the World Cup



Well he’s playing in a team full of plumbers :arteta:


I am waiting for Klaim to win the WC :wink:







lel the irish GK doing a Karius


What is that french kit collar lol