International Friendlies


You are beating a wee national team. Our past glory has long gone.

Still remember this though:


Finally Werner on.


Why England and Little Italy (:stuck_out_tongue: ) wearing the armbands?


Because of dead people innit


Wot dead ppl tho? The ones in France?


One is Astori for sure.


Jimmy Armfield, Cyrille Regis and Astori


FFS Insigne! Did you want to shoot or cross here?
1-0 Brazil FT. Deserved win overall. Germany did absolutely nothing in the second half.
Yes! Penalty to us thanks to the VAR! 1-1 Insigne! We finally managed to score a goal :smile:

Meanwhile, Spain is destroying Argentina.

3-1 Spain

4-1 Spain

1-1 FT. Good results for us, deserved overall for what we missed in the first half.


We are definitely getting turned over by Panama


Is that Iago Aspas??? what is he doing playing for the national team?!

Also, Iniesta… :giroud2:


Fuck me. Messi is never winning the World Cup with team mates like that!

Spain on the other hand. That’s where my money would have gone anyway. But now, most definitely. They look the most together team.


6-1! Messi should retire before it is too late :rofl:

5-1 Spain

6-1 Spain


When Messi isn’t on the pitch, it gets messy…


Aspas has been great this season , should really be making La Liga team of the season tbh.

Deserves to be on the plane, Vasquez on the other hand shouldn’t be anywhere near the national team.


Imagine dissing Dybala and Icardi the way Sampaoli did the other day, and then losing 6-1.

It’s absolute madness to not pick your best players. I know neither of them would be able to prevent Rojo resembling a chocolate teapot, but they could maybe do something when they were in this position… so you know…


People don’t realise the shit Messi has to deal with lol

Such a crime this fat cunt has cheated the GOAT out of 3 major International trophies. I’d sit the tubby bastard out based on that alone.

Icardi/Aguero - Dybala

Sampaoli, why you being so stupid??




Drawing against a “wee team”, embarrassing. :per:


Isco is what we hoped jack would if become


Ramos at 2:45 lol, marking his 150th cap and sweet little banner he was awarded before the match in style :joy:

So annoying that people consider this guy a top class defender when he does shit like this with regularity. Not got anything to do with real top defenders like Piqué or Umtiti or whoever else is out there (can’t really say I’ve watched any other top defender other than those two recently, I guess Pep’s version of Otamendi or Boateng a couple years ago dunno how he is now). But I’d even go as far to say Nacho > Ramos.

Also still can’t believe that Barça managed to not get one of Isco, Ceballos, or Asensio. They are dream Barça players. Especially Asensio given that he’s Mallorcan, I guess Isco and Ceballos as they’re andalusian hillbillies it makes more sense they end up at Madrid :grimacing:. (Especially Ceballos and his pro-Franco anti-Catalan tweets lol)