International Friendlies

Luxembourg beat Hungary 2-1. :eyes: The skill on the first. :ok_hand::+1:


Nice. I do enjoy a good diving header :slight_smile:

Sign him up!

Brazil v Japan is being played in France right now… to a pretty empty stadium.

I mean, a weekday lunchtime match, in a country that has nothing to do with either team… I’m shocked that it’s not sold out to be honest.


I went to a Brazil game at the Emirates once, pretty sure it was sold out. Bizarre. :thinking:

The timing does seem rather weird, I can only assume that it was for audiences in Asia. Why they played it in Paris is beyond me.

They played in Lille’s home stadium and both teams do play a European team next (Brazil: England, Japan: Belgium), so playing in Europe makes sense.


I like the German attacking unit a lot.

Timo Werner, Leroy Sane, Julian Draxler, Mesut Ozil… all are very agile and speedy (Ozil is not slow at all)…
A couple of times when they shift gear on pressing… very intimidating.

At this moment, Thomas Muller should be on the bench…

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Surely it’s not just me who wants to see a front 3 of Manè Kanè and Sanè? :joy:


England have called up Gunn. Has anyone on here received a call up yet?

Probably better than Hart, no one less deserving of a call up than him.

Giroud scores such worldies for France man

Giroud only scores worldies. Do you not know this?

I know it’s only a friendly but was England deserving of the draw against Germany ?

Definitely, it was a good performance.



England-Brasil and Germany-France today as well. Wow!

International friendlies! Riveting stuff… :wink:


:ozil2: and :laca: both start!
Spain beating Russia 2-0 atm. Ramos and Alba. Suso, Rodrigo and Asensio start upfront.

The great thing about international friendlies is…let me see…er…uhm…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Any friendly involving England is more boring than that.

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