International Friendlies


Playing quite well, albeit it’s not a stern test.
Balotelli off. Quite a good comeback from him. He looked eager to impress.
2-2 Tunisa!

Christ Belotti! That was a massive chance!
Now Belotti doesn’t miss!

Turkey beat 2-1.

2-1 Iran


2-1 FT. Good win, considering our state atm. Balotelli did well. If he can keep his head cool he is a great asset for us.
France win 2-0.



Nice one Mario! You are a good guy after all :wink:


Currently losing 2-1 to France. Bonucci scored for us.


Sounds like Pogba dropped another 3/10


Is Pogba overated?


Immensely, he’s going to be under the lights.

I’d rather see a three of Nzonzi, Kante and Tolisso.


imo yeah. People will blame Jose and united, but theres enough fixtures against poor opposition where he doesnt show up in to say he lacks a lot.


Pogba has got everything in his locker. Its up to him to use it proberly. The united move have definitely stagnated his carrer.


He’s just not as good as he’s marketed.

United got rinsed for him tbh, United can’t be blamed for everything since he’s now being played in the position he favours and also in a three.


France is too strong for us atm. Lost 3-1, but we still did quite well in the end.

1-0 France

2-0 France

2-1 Italy

3-1 Dembele. Golazo!


Australia 4-0 over the Czech Republic, thanks for coming.


Wait what, Matuidi is starting for France, in 2018???


Deschamps is a mug.


Spurs are smashing Nigeria.


Ireland pride :rainbow:


Sterling booked for diving, trying to prove himself a true Spurs player but unfortunately caught. Unlucky son.


Iwobi’s goal clip

@Luca_from_Italy ???


And now Özil’s…

Just need Wele to bag one for the hat-trick


I am out. Tomorrow evening.

:iwobi: and :ozil2:!