International Friendlies


@persona Fuck off to the world cup thread. You have your own thread.

Let @Luca_from_Italy and me have this one.


GET IN. 1-1.

Italy punished for a poor 2nd half. Should have killed the tie first half.


Yep, very poor second half from us. Yet Holland has been as shit as us.


Ake really looks like a young Gullit.


1-1 FT. A very poor display from 2 national teams in demise and that need a great rebuild job. Italy should have still won though.


So many promising players in Italy’s squad.

Big job for Mancini


So many? Only Verdi and Chiesa atm.


And now I’m supporting Argentina this WC


Well-done. Strong statement against Israel’s violence in Gaza.


About time these frauds where stopped from entering European competition too.


The AFA really are a useless football association. Where are Argentina now meant to play their last friendly before the WC begins? Looks as if it may have to be Andorra or somewhere like that :neutral_face:

Should’ve avoided travelling to Israel a week before the world cup in all cases.


It would be a great idea. Need some big statement to stop this nonsense.


Messi footing the bill. Fair play.


Decent tax write off I suppose :henry2:


Class from Messi and Argentina but could never cheer for them personally. :slight_smile:


Belgium 2-0 up at HT against Egypt.

1-0 Belgium

2-0 Belgium

3-0 Belgium FT. Guess who scored :giroud:


What a finish for Big Fella. Sign him up Ivan.


So difficult!


All these goal clips are gone the next morning (when I usually come to check the goals lol)


Why lol?