International Friendlies


Another chance missed. Should be ahead now.
Holland off the line FFS!


You should be 3-0 up lol. We have been nowhere


nawww its cute Italy and Holland have a done a pretend World Cup final since they aren’t in the actual thing


Yeah, still a very boring game lol!


Poor guys can’t accept they are at the losers table now :arteta:

Come come lads, there’s a seat right here, next to us!!


Italy will be at the next Euros easily.

Holland, nah lol


We are still a better national team than your fucking wee national team :wink:


Jesus Christ is he playing? :joy:

I haven’t heard his name in so long I assumed he was retired or playing in the German second tier or something


Don’t even know where he plays now haha. I’d have to look it up




Not bad. Fair play to him


ZAZA! Deserved.

Stupid from Criscito FFS! No need to foul Babel here.


LOL criscito.


Bonucci booed by his former supporters lol!


Nice save from Perin on Depay.


I like Perin. Is he always preferred over Donnarumma?


No, sadly, Donnarumma is still the first choice, despite being bang average.


Is this the staying at home Derby or something?




Cocky british as usual. Can’t wait to see you at home lol!