International Friendlies


Yeah, austrians are wee germans.


Does it make you feel good to beat a bunch of children? :ozil2:


Yes. Obviously.


TIL @shamrockgooner is a character from a Dickens’ novel.


I thought Iwobi was a MOTM contender, but naturally Hoddle narrowed it down to about 5 English players. Did pretty much nothing wrong and was a proper heartbeat for his team and scored a nice goal.

It’s a shame hes unlikely to get out of this group but you never know.



@ryaninho your team bro lol


Allah akbah



1-0 England

2-0 England

2-1 Nigeria


1-0 Germany

1-1 Austria

2-1 Austria


1-0 Spain

1-1 Switzerland


1-0 Brazil. Neymar back with a bang!

2-0 Brazil


Nigeria goal is fake. Iwobi can’t finish :stuck_out_tongue:



If that’d been against the Nigerian keeper it’d probably have been a goal.


Thanks @Luca_from_Italy ! :pray:

Tonight the losers match-up: Italy v Netherlands :santi:


Sadly yes :xhaka:


Very slow-paced game so far.


Ryan fucking Babel. Depressing times.


Davide fucking Zappacosta :xhaka:


Belotti just misses a sitter FFS!


This losers’ derby sounds a hoot



You are going home soon against the mighty Panama :wink: