International Friendlies


They didn’t work for me when I tried last night


Usually because of copyright violations.


Cracking goal. Football’s coming home

We’re gonna bloody win the World Cup!



Sick goal from rash !:kos2:


Like every 4 years, right you hipster? :wink:


Golazo, tbh.

Portugal also up.


They don’t call him the English Joel Campbell for nothing. What a banger.


Henderson with of his rare shots on target here :mustafi:

2-0 Portugal


I’ll whisper it, but England might do quite well this tournament.

Expectations seem at record lows this time round. Although in about 10 days they’ll no doubt rocket straight up.


Look at this cunt, I bet you voted No in the Indyref.




Wristiano Welnaldo


Welé getting in on the action

It’s bloody happening.


I don’t understand what that goal was. It must have been a Welbeck.


thats the only way you will make a Welbeck score. Just smash it on him before he can react to the ball.


Big win ahead of the WC for England :mustafi:



Staying an atheist.


Germany-Saudi Arabia 2-1 FT

1-0 Germany. Fantastic move.

2-0 Germany

2-1 Saudi Arabia

Croatia-Senegal 2-1 FT

1-0 Senegal

1-1 Croatia

2-1 Croatia


France losing to usa.