Ian Wright

Wright getting in on the act of taking the piss out the club. Not gone down well in the replies :grin:

One thing I will say about MotD is they’ll readily take the piss out of Arsenal (Lineker did it with Wenger years ago) but they’re shit scared doing it with other clubs


Yep, that smug bastard always happy for us to be the butt of his jokes :grin:


Might be the only player I’d have on the back of a shirt. Wrighty and maybe Cazorla.

What about Ian Ure’s name on the back of an Arsenal top?

Fewer letters. Bound to be cheaper. Has the same first name as Wrighty, too, so you’ve won half the battle.

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Speaking of which, I’ve got a delivery coming this week that you might like. I’ll post some pictures when it gets here :grin:

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I like it when Wright uses the word “we” when he talks about Arsenal.
Real class.

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