Ian Wright

Not sure if this is the right category…

Interesting read on Ian Wright:


This is definitely the right category, Arsenal is his home!


Given how often Wrighty features in the media, it’s probably about time he had his own thread anyways :slight_smile:

One of my all time favourite players for us. I still have the “ReWrighting the records” program on video :laughing:

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Do you still own a video player?

Yes there is one lying around somewhere thankfully :sweat_smile: Been years since I watched it. Though it really bugs me how many old shows or things from the 90s, still haven’t found their way to at least DVD remake by now.

Meant more of (general) The Arsenal vs. Players (just active ones?).

Either way, really good read on a legend.

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I knew Mr Old School would have one :laughing:

Have you upgraded your Nokia 3210 yet?

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You never know when a bit of old technology comes in handy :wenger2:

Ah, you can’t improve on the perfection, that is the Nokia 3210. Texting, calling and playing Snake. What more do you need on a phone? :sunglasses:


I quite value the ability to watch porn in 4k ultra HD whilst sitting in a tent in a field just outside of Barford. Guess that’s just me though


Ah right. Well I think you made the right call. I don’t think we have a hard and fast rule, but I’d say The Players is only for those currently in the squad

Apart from when they did improve on it with the 3310.


I bet that the battery is still on 97% :joy::rofl:

My personal favourite player to ever wear our shirt. Legend. His goals were often truly exceptional and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as able as he was to score from the most unexpected situations.


Love this man more than any other player to have worn our shirt. Loved his goals and his celebrations.
Nobody ever gave more of himself to the club than him imo. Henry took the record and the crown but he will never ever take the love.
Mr. Pigden Arsenal fans of a certain vintage thank you with all our hearts.


Great read that. :+1:

True. If you’re old enough to have watched Wright every week and also Henry, you will prefer Wright. And by watched I obviously mean listened on the radio and then highlights in the evening.


I actually think Wrighty is the better finisher. Henry is the more complete footballer as highlighted by @JakeyBoy in the Henry/ Bergkamp debate in another thread.
Im going to have too be Spartacus on this one though.

Anelka and Wright were both better finishers than Henry

Imagine this front three when all three where at their peaks

Wright Bastin Henry


Does anyone remember when Ian Wright went all Wesley snipes on us and died his hair blonde?

What about when there was talk of him leaving and he bagged a brace against QPR, the whole stadium chanted his name and it actually encouraged him to stay on? Great ambassador to the club