Ian Wright


Sounds like a high street lawyers.

You know the ones who chase you on a phoney charge when you’ve parked on private land incorrectly


:joy::joy: It does aswell.


Surprised he has not sued Peaky Blinders for copyright on the cast using his trademark cap tbh.


Just read the article. What a beautiful piece.

I clown on Ian Wright at times because he says some foolish things, but he has been through a lot of shit and I’m happy he is happy now.


It is a really lovely piece, quite emotional in places too.

I treasure my Ian Wright home shirt from 94-96. Even if you disagree with his opinions, you always feel what he says is coming from a loving place.


That’s an incredibly sweeping statement, and one that’s of questionable accuracy. My dad’s a gooner and several of the people we went to footy with were of the same age and they didn’t all prefer Wright to Henry by any stretch.


You should prefer Wright. :wink:


he his going to be doing a Q&A on Reddit on Saturday