Ian Wright

Lot of thirst in this thread


Only when I need fruit n veg and I go to her market stall.

She’s got great melons.

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too large… sufficient is enough, for me

A couple of good arguments in there. I obv. wasn’t questioning it, just curious how you would know :slight_smile:

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My memories of Ian Wright have been ruined forever

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Don’t tell me Ian Wright doesn’t like BJ… never had BJ before
He is just a man, like you and me

How did this thread go so quickly from Ian Wright to Ian Wrong?


Because football is a hobby and sex is A NEED


. :arteta:

Sex is over rated

You need to get laid bro

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Wasn’t there babes thread on the old OA in the cross bar?

Why didn’t it carry over!?


a lot of football stars are overrated though

thanks and I have it regularaly

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There was a whole sub forum called “Hot Stuff”, it went way beyond a single thread :joy:

I never questioned the decision to get rid of that part of the forum until now.

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Should have kept it. Wasn’t offending me as a woman. I liked it.

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Who was the celebrity crush of OA back then?

Honor Blackman

Maybe you and or the ones you do it with just are no good.

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Enjoyed this one


Yeah let’s bring back the hot babes thread on OA