Ian Wright



Didn’t even know we had an NZ supporters group tbh lol not that I would have driven up to Auckland anyway :sweat_smile:

Sounds like he will be back here next year for the Women’s World cup stuff.

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I would love to touch Özil. I got called weird for fancying him. Even before he joined us. And now I still weird.

Long hair Ozil or short hair Ozil? :eyes:

Short. Not a fan of long.

I met Özil once and described to him my fave of his goals. He looked at me like I had killed his dog. And then his security people pushed me away.

His loss. I give good blowjobs.



You’re not related to @ronniec by any chance are you?


wondering, how do you determine good and bad BJ???

Maybe she had reviews


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

damn it…

How do you know? I am yet to meet a woman who doesn’t think she does.

She has false teeth that she takes out.

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seriously David, how do you rate if a BJ is good or not?
Don’t think there is really a measurement

Teeth marks. The fewer, the better.

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What is happening? :sob::sob::rofl:

Well there you go. I only think they are good because that is what I am told, and can tell from the reaction. I don’t just assume. Don’t know the women you have been with.

Also, I make more of an effort because then it means we don’t need to have sex.

damn… you are talking about bite job, not blow job… :ozil:

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She agrees

:joy: :joy: :joy:

are you her customer??