Ian Wright

You can’t even use that word in 2023 let alone have a thread dedicated to it


We’d be sad, alt-right misogynists nowadays.

Can’t even say the word “babes” without being arrested these days smh


Fucking love Wrighty

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Good, cunt.

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Beautiful post by an aptly name poster.

Here’s hoping we see a similar picture with the current crop of players, years from now, having achieved the same or more with the Arsenal.

I feel like I might end up kicking myself here, but who is the guy stood between Clichy and Henry?

There is no one there between Clichy and Henry, Jakey

Yeah he’s the only one I don’t recognise lol

According to twitter it’s David Dein’s son, Darren.

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Jeez I didn’t even recognize Clichy. I was like ‘what tf is Andros Townsend doing in this photo’.

Clichy was one of those ‘bald by choice’ footballers.

I didnt see a reply saying that on twitter, so started desperately trying to think of what former player it might be. I googled “Oleg Luzhny 2023”, before realising I might just be better off asking here lol

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I clicked the picture Ray Parlour uploaded as it had a lot more responses and managed to find a reply there. It was bugging me so I didn’t want to stop until I found out who it was.

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I’m happy for them all being mates and everything, but Clichy and especially Aliadiere are in pretty elevated company here lol


The Invincibles meeting up almost 20 years after the run had began. Wrighty must be an honorary member

EDIT: Dixon too ;).