Ian Wright

This is the type of stuff my 74 year old dad moans about lol


Just that some broadcasts have been 100% male dominated in the past.

What do you imagine I’ve said? :joy:

I don’t have to remember or rewatch loads and loads of matches, because I’m not claiming that women are never involved in PL broadcasting, a claim which would require rewatching or a super human memory. All I’m claiming is that there are some matches that don’t involve women.

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All male broadcasting teams have been a thing way past 2003 lol

Who is moaning?

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Gabby Yorath throws a spanner in the works lol

Fucking hell after seeing about 40 unread posts I thought Ian Wright had died or something

Incredible striker when there was a plethora of good strikers about.

Fowler, Collymore, Shearer, Cantona, Ferdinand, Cole, Klinsmann.

Wrighty held his own amongst the rest.

Literally every MNF game is all male presenters and commentators lol


In the last World Cup the BBC had several female presenters

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This is true, but I don’t understand what point is being made by saying it.

Was that the one where Evra the cunt clapped at Aluko because she made an astute point about the game they were watching? :laughing:

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Robyn Cowen is a poor commentator. She is a female equivalent of Matterface. Both knowledgeable on the game but drone voices that drain the life out of the coverage.

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Pink is a great colour. It’s only dinosaurs that think men can’t wear it.


Barney is pink

Wrighty :hearts:

As with every color, you have to get the correct tone.
Some of the pink girls abuse is an eye sore but that pink jersey is classy

Of course it’s girls who get it wrong :sweat_smile:

If it were upto me, I would purge them