Howard Webb and his Cabal of Cunts


I was saying that somewhere, where were the lines when the decision was being made. Unbelievable if it wasn’t so believeable.


you dont forget something like that it gets done constantly every game…they are corrupt

Just read someone saying he called the foul on Ode at OT too


And it was Lee Mason on VAR for the disallowed Martinelli goal at Old Trafford

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Why are these useless cunts still hired?

Hopefully this keeps them from screwing us over like it happened last year against City.

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Lee Mason is a fuckwit and should never be allowed to be responsible for VAR or allowed to referee any match ever again!

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How is that even possible? Why are we relying on the officials to draw the lines? That’s a joke.

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From the very beginning I always believed the technology was the answer and the only thing that would stand in its way was human error.

Although that’s not even the biggest problem, it’s hubris pure and simple - this narrative that they don’t want to correct the official on the pitch is honestly such horseshit. It should be about using the technology to get the correct, and honest decision. The ref on the pitch and the VAR team are the same organisation, the same team, the same law. It makes no sense not to want to contradict an onfield decision because it was close enough to what the ref saw or believed. It should be the other way around with the VAR team deciding everything and the referee on the pitch essentially acting as proxy for the eyes in the sky.

Nothing is going to change until this old breed of officials die out and we get a new generation looking to put complete trust into the software and hardware and let it work for the game. I’m not even talking about age here but moreso ego. People talk a lot about the gradual degradation of football as a sport but when did the referees actually become house hold names in the game. I blame that hill have eyes looking motherfucker being on the cover of PES. Not to mention Clattenburg signing for a sport talent agency. What the actual fuck.

Regardless the technology will eventually overtake the ego, imo it’s already way beyond that point and could have been heavily automated 5+ years ago but the PGMOL thrive on their weird, cultist, self importance. Cunts


I agree with everything you say.

What makes me even more mad though, is the fact that the refs won’t come out and apologise and own up to making the mistake. It does absolutely nothing to inspire confidence in the officials.


Corruption. I can’t believe they are this consistently incompetent.

Not with this much money involved.

Mason should never be a VAR again


I think it is just incompetence, but I really don’t understand how they made the mistake today. It was the last action before the goal and they didn’t check it. I’m on the other side of the stadium so didn’t get a good look at this, but it is so bad that you really have to also question the linesman and why he didn’t flag it offside.

Holy shit. Castiel is Miles Dyson?

I don’t get why the league dosnt poach competent fucking officials from elsewhere.


I always knew vacuum cleaners would bring on y2k

I just dont understand how the VAR can make the ‘mistake’ of not drawing lines. Isn’t checking offside exactly what they are doing? Just makes very little logical sense to me

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The entire process is so opaque. I just assumed that the lines were drawn by a computer not that a person had to do it.


Yeah there’s that and also the fact that they are literally checking for things that allow or disallow the goal, how is it valid to just not do one of the things that helps determine that. If I’m the VAR, wouldn’t I be going through each phase where the ball is headed and checking the positions of players in each instance and until I’ve done that I shouldn’t be making a decision.

I get it if they get it wrong when it’s very much a borderline thing but this is an admitted omission of one of the key tasks of the system. It just doesn’t make sense for it to not happen.

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So like part of my job is advising government units on how to set up procedures and make those procedures idiotproof.

It’s w i l d to me that this task was ever not automated in the first place.

In the NFL every scoring play is reviewed to ensure the ball crossed the goal line.

And we’re told that every goal is reviewed. My assumption was that the goal was being “reviewed” meant in terms of any fouls but also offsides as a matter of course. It’s not hard to fix and doesn’t have to be some big high tech solution. You could even go low tech and have a big fucking sheet of paper in front of the VAR with a box and the word “Offside?” written on it. If a goal is scored, the VAR checks for offsides.