Howard Webb and his Cabal of Cunts

The minute a ref owns up to a wrong decision over here, it will just dismissed as being biased and people complaining it doesn’t change the result.
It’s a fallacy for me that football fans will all collectively come together and see the ref as anything but the problem.

Why don’t we try it first and see what happens.

Why not. Also try getting players and managers to answer about diving incidents in games.

They already do.


You can’t recall players or managers getting asked about such incidents?
I remember Ronaldo being asked about it before. I remember Wenger having to answer for a Cazorla dive too.

Edit: There’s a reddit post here with more:

Players and managers already have media obligations.

I just don’t see why you’d be so quick to dismiss an opportunity to get some insight into decisions.

I’m not. Your wanting transparency and I’m calling for it all around.

Come on GC that’s not what I’m on about. I mean full video evidence presented to the manager before we get the didn’t see it rubbish.
Players too with their was a touch nonsense. All or nothing if we’re going full respect campaign.

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Isn’t that something the journalists can do postmatch? If someone takes a dive in a match those clips are up on Twitter and Reddit within minutes.

It may not change a manager’s answer but a journalist could try to show a manager a clip to get their reaction.

And he just says he never seen it and probably won’t allow it in the interview.

Saka called off in the above image despite no attempt to play the ball or interfere, lino just called it then and there, and that was that.

Not painting this as an anti-Arsenal thing. Despite all the guff about the Rashford call being correct, I bet we basically never see that interpretation of the offside rule enacted again, cos everyone knows it was fucking ridiculous apart from a few Man U supporting bellends.

The cabal just backed their man publicly and hoped everyone would soon forget all about it.


We aren’t the only side that may have been wrong by VAR…

This is where having audio from VAR available to the public would be helpful.

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Wouldn’t they still come to the wrong decision, albeit their mistake is also in audio form?

I’m operating under the assumption that if officials being incompetent is exposed over and over that it will galvanize the people who really matter (the advertisers and broadcasters) will put pressure on the league to find someone other than the PGMOL to run the matches.

Why would they get involved. Figures are sky high that’s all that matters for them.

At some point if you have audio of refs being totally incompetent, it’s bad for the product. Look at the shitstorm around the NBA missing that foul call on LBJ a few nights ago.

Nobody is demanding perfection but we should at least get an explanation and consistency.


If they actually also showed the fucking ref what they were viewing he might have caught the mistake. Same on Brentfords goal, ref might have looked for the second offside to be checked. Why is the ref in the dark on the actual decision making?

Now, that’s not perfect either and in the rugby today Wayne Barnes made a terrible decision despite seeing the pictures and having a conversation with the TMO. But he’s the guy on the field and it was his call to make. I don’t understand why football doesn’t follow that model.

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It’s very confusing for sure. My understanding is that if VAR alerts the official that it’s VAR suggesting the official is wrong and I’m still not sure why the official isn’t allowed to just go look at it again themselves.