Howard Webb and his Cabal of Cunts

what was all that about btw?

thee unaccountable shitheads will be using this to fuck us over at any opportunity.


Could this not have just went in the var thread lol

Anybody that thinks their is some sort of anti Arsenal agenda amongst referees is deluding themselves lol


Yeah like Arsenal needs to rely on refs to fuck things up

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Oh Rikey Then :rofl::100:

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People criticise VAR too much when the real culprits are these pricks who can barely operate smartphones.

We (I) need a thread where they can be abused.

@SRCJJ Just me have this :charlie:

I was watching without sound yesterday and it was 100% unclear to me what was even being checked for?


Potential red card although I have no clue for what. Sokratis on VvD at a corner If I was guessing as that’s who the ref was talking to

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Yeah i watched it on sky even the commentators didnt know and they kept on saying ‘its being reported there could be a red card offense but we dont know whats happened’ the players were standing around shrugging their shoulders too looking dumbfounded!

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I got that much :grin:

But yeah, VAR has the power to call a halt to play for that shit and no one knows wtf is happening yet a foul so obvious on Guendouzi for their first goal and fucking nothing. I hate the inconsistency. It will always be a failing of VAR I reckon.


Even the commentators didn’t know.

In fact, there’s probably little that Tyler, Carragher and Neville do know between them

‘‘Cabal of Cunts’’ is a great phrase lol

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I must have missed this - does anybody have a clip of the foul that should have been called?

Wasn’t it more a foul by Guendouzi on van Dick?

Martin Atkinson was in the VAR room.

Inept cunt

That is horrific.

Of course the PL aren’t using the VAR correctly. How did WHU not get a pen there

Waiting for the usual kane penalty tomorrow he will get the slightest of touches in the box will flop like a sack of spuds in comes VAR showing a player grazing his leg by 1 millimetre not even enough to knock a butterfly off course but there was contact so its a penalty it is written in the stars!


Jesus Christ the villa disallowed goal haha.