Howard Webb and his Cabal of Cunts

As long as it stops a goal that brushed someone’s arm hair from counting then it’s all good.

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When Villa get relegated and only needed a point to beat the drop and it’s Palace who survive…

Mods, can someone change the spelling please, only just realised I spelt Riley wrong ffs.



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people in the comments say they should do like they do in Rugby (With VAR I take it), for those of you who watch that sport, is it better?

Yes. Because it’s use is clearly defined.


Yeah mostly because the rules are clearer plus the sport played without a blame culture around it.

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Riley needs sacking


You all need to fuck off with your gadgets. Go and implement it on FIFA.
The games for luddites not geeks.


Today felt like (excuse the hyperbole) the day the game died. I can’t believe just how many goals were disallowed in one afternoon.

Villa, Wolves, Burnley. Even the Spurs farce.

You should post in the VAR thread. Me and @BigWeng_4LYFE would really appreciate it

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Is he going on about the CL final in 06 in there? If so, it’s like those pubs I want to avoid. (“The barmaid looks at me funny…”)

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Why are you pretending that any barmaid anywhere is looking at you?


Hahaha! Savage!

I knew I ought to have gone to sleep at 10pm as per normal. I’ve just opened myself up for unrelenting punishment

Why do you go to bed at 10pm?

My body shuts down. When you’re the wrong side of 30, these things happen.

Hang on. I am offended… as I am sure a lot of people here will be.

The wrong side of 30?

You know. North of 31.

You lose your hair and you need half a Viagra just to piss straight

Ah cool. I am only 30. Good stuff.

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Dont believe you, you at least look mid 40s or somewhere close…any proof of age :henry2: