How much are you looking forward to the new season?


Well I’m really looking forward to Howe’s first season at Arsenal.


Personally I’m looking forward to the time when things change.



Yeah I’d take anyone just to have a change. Sick of Wenger the bottler. Every season


I want change but if Howe gets the gig I will be pretty Livid.


…For a change. :laughing:


We are one of the wealthiest clubs in Europe, is it really to much to ask for us to get a highly regarded manager with a top pedigree ?


No. Maybe wait for it to happen before deciding how you feel though.

Basically when Arseblog does the Angriest man on Twitter character I think of you. :smile:


Souness on the other hand is a weird guy. Liverpool through & through yet even he seems to get pissed off with Arsenal and groundhog season.

Only one on Sky I can stomach probably.


Aussie getting a lot of stick today but I can’t help but feel it’s a bit like he’s telling us all the world isn’t flat and we’re throwing cow shit at him.


How? Virtually everyone agrees with the jist of what he’s saying. It’s just he’s the only one with the desire to constantly repeat it while the rest of us are trying to find some motivation to watch this team we decided to dedicate so much our money, time and energy towards. We all pretty much know we’re making fuck all forward strides, it’s hardly rocket science is it? Aussies just that depressing cat that constantly repeats how fucked we are. Tbh all anyone has ever really said to him and posters like him is that “yeah we get it you don’t have to say it all the time”.


People have been unnecessarily aggressive towards him today tbh. If you haven’t seen it I’m not going to go back and search it out for you but it’s been over the top.

Hard to blame someone for being chronically depressed watching the shit show that is ARSENAL for the last 5, 6 years.

I’m honestly scunnered of this fucking ‘I’m a better fan then you’ mentality perpetuated by some. Much more annoying than the grumpy realists. At least they have the IQ to be aware of their surroundings.


I suppose the Joke’s on me at the end of the day as Ive watched another 3am game on a Sunday Night/ Monday morning and I’m about to head to work on fuck all sleep again :joy:


We’re not getting Howe FFS, why does everyone hype up a random PL manager to replace Wenger all the time.

Cos Laudrup, Martinez, etc have all been Arsenal managers.


Any chance you have a colleague named Eddie?


I wonder if there is any correlation between a posters’ grumpiness and their match viewing kick off time in their time zones. I know I’m usually far more ticked off by the crap Champions League games I have to be up at 3 am on a Thursday morning to finish watching.


Well it seems we were well within our right to feel this season was going to be a poor one. Glimmer of hope up until December. Since then it’s been absolutely woeful. I feel so empty about us right now. It shouldn’t be like that being an Arsenal fan, but right now, I can’t think of anything that gets me excited about us. What a sad season this could turn out to be in Wenger’s possible last season.


We’ve been playing midweek games lately and i record them but we’re so terrible lately that I just fast forward as soon as we concede. So have hardly watched Arsenal at all in the last month lol. Tbf the season was fun until about a month ago or so. Now though, yeah almost no fucking point in watching.


Went back to the poll to see what I voted and was pleasantly surprised I voted 2.

July me knew what was coming.


i am not looking forward to next season, with wenger i will will be frustrated as hell but without wenger we would likely have a poor season because of a new manager and mass changes etc so that will fill me with dread. What will make me even more nervous if we go cheap or stupid with a new manager if wenger does leave like fucking Howe then i feel we wont win again and we will be the next liverpool. We need a massive name as a manage for me to feel like we could eventually turn into a decent side like we are meant to be…i dont want us to be another Liverpool a massive club that are just a part of history but not really a big future.