How much are you looking forward to the new season?


I am excited to see the change in system with a striker like Perez.

Xhakas, Mustafi are similar/upgrade of players we already have and their impact to our play won’t be as drastic as it would be of Perez.

Not to mistake this as saying Perez is a fantastic signing. I don’t know about him. It’s just that with Welbeck & Theo, we played some really good football, but they are either unavailable or crap, so excited to see if Perez can give that consistency.


I am excited to see the change in system with a striker like Perez

Theres no change to the system,all will conform to the system,it hasnt changed 1 iota since 2006 !


Still no chance of winning the league. We’ll finish behind both Manchester clubs thats for sure. Might get 3rd if we have a stellar run of form.


I’m kind if looking forward to see how Perez gets on in the striker role.

At least watching Arsenal now will be somewhat interesting at least for a while.

Still aren’t winning anything mind you and probably nailed on 4th place but hey maybe we can get some decent football out of it.


Do people think that Perez is going to be starting at cf? Like, I mean put Giroud on the bench?


I think the fact we have waited four seasons to get a striker, and that he is Wenger’s most expensive striker signing, he had better be staring for us.

Unless Wenger bought him as cover for Sanogo.


I agree of some others said… Perez may spend some time on the wing.
Our main and starter is still Giroud (YES, STILL), but at least we have one additional option (supposed better) instead of throwing Theo and Sanogo there.


Ya basically we didn’t get the striker we’ve needed forever…AGAIN. Major fail is anyone ever held accountable at this club? No wonder the owner hoards money I wouldn’t give these buffoons anything to spend either.

The fans don’t help either. It’s hipster to be a Wenger fanboy right now and they get loud and violent at times to protect their hipster street cred. Hard to send any messages at Reichst…ER Emirates with a bunch of little wilshere wannabe eichmanns running about.


Yes… and we are having a discussion on the Mustafi (not Perez) thread.

If we need to wait for 4, 5 years, we are not expecting just a Perez.
If getting Perez is what we need, we don’t need to wait for 4, 5 years.


I think he would definitely do that. Depends on whether Wenger sees him as a wide player or a striker, but I have no idea about the player at all. Is he essentially a striker?


Well i’d hope that he can at least bench Giroud when he’s going through his characteristic dry spells, don’t you?


Idk I’m not that impressed with the guy honestly. Yay he’s an arsenal player I love him is not something I get on board with. Wenger didn’t really want this guy so obviously I’m not going to rate him. Sorry to be like that but this guy was a fallback to a fallback and let’s face it…he doesn’t have a history of banging in goals, which is what we need. I’m sick being good box to box and I’m go into be pissed when Ozil ends up at City for 20 million pounds because he wouldn’t sign a new deal.


Head in sand. Not going to happen.


More excited now. At least let’s try to give it a go and not collapse in march, like we always do.


Perez is replacement for Wellbeck we still havent replaced RVP. Yaya is a replacement for the fun we used to have .


I wonder who’s the replacement for Eboue’s character? He was funny as hell.


Sanogo…it’s just a different kind of comedy.


Perez will play 80% on a wing IMO & will be used sparingly as a striker much like Welbz when he is fit.


Perez needs bedding in like Elneny, so yes don’t expect him to play significantly as CF till mid November.


Just when it was looking so promising, it’s gone back to the same old, same old meh again. I was really enjoying things with Alexis up front and now it’s basically going to be ANOTHER fight for top 4, which we’ll no doubt achieve anyways, as it’s what we do best.