How much are you looking forward to the new season?


I’m looking for positives in the way of believing that there’s no way we can wilt to such bottlery (new word) this season compared to last. We also have a complete midfield with everything in it to provide whoever plays upfront more options. Alexis looks fresh and I’d tip him to improve considerably more than last season, which of course is a massive, massive bonus.

Some positives to be had in the midst of all the transfer bollocks going on. No high hopes, I just want to see us play some decent football again and I’m looking forward to that, hopefully.


It hit me this morning. Despite everything and as miserable as i feel about our prospects I am excitied for the weekend to come. Goddamit!!


Always excited for the new season!

This will be the season when I will finally make it to the Emirates for the first time to watch the Chelsea game! Just got the confirmation from the Arsenal Switzerland fanclub! :coq:

(hope to see some new faces in the squad till then though)


I’m always optimistic and looking forward to the new season in my own laid-back, not-too-excitable way.

Anyway, here’s a preview from a statistical analysis viewpoint I thought was interesting.

Arsenal 2016-17 Season Preview: Wenger’s Gamble?


So you’re a WOB then. Welcome to the side of the righteous. You are home here and ALL are welcome. Renounce your Wenger Fundamentalists ways and be born again.


I still don’t understand these acronyms. What’s a “WOB” again?


Fence sitter more so me. I have the power to smite positivity and negativity in one fell swoop. It’s the best way to support Arsenal!


The thing that makes things feel sad is, Arsenal have so many great fans around the World, very dedicated and spend a lot of time and money towards the club.

Also, I think as well of the great community we’ve had here on OA over the years, where it’s become like a family. To see so much under performing and general underwhelmingness going on at the club right now, makes me feel sad somewhat. We deserve a bit of a happiness.


Yeah I wasn’t looking forward to the start of the season and got what I expected.


Now that Ive doused all expectations and we are going once again through a transformation season Im looking forward to it a bit more. To see a few youngsters step up and stake a claim wiuld be nice. Then with a settlled defence by xmas perhaps we can have another go at the FA Cup again . . . . . . and finish 4th . Might sound like Im taking this piss but I mean it.


Just searched for the meaning and came up with that. take ya pick :henry2:


Moreso after the last few days. I still believe we have no chance at all of winning the League, I guess that is now just our place in this League, but the transfers have made me somewhat excited about the season.


Window is finally closed, thank fuck.

Now let’s do this! Can’t wait to see our new lads in action.


According to @Maxi_Gooner we have seven world class players whereas Chelsea and the Manchester clubs only have five. Throw our world class manager into the mix and we must be one of the favourites, surely.


Changing my opinion to very as we got the player’s we need! COYG


When we finish 4th it will be interesting to see what reasons Maxi gives, given we have the best squad and a genius of a manager.


We didn’t get a world class striker Calum pipe down.


Give him about 6 months playing for The Arsenal and he’ll be #9 for Spain too.


Ive got a feeling he will play predominantly on the wing for us.


No. Mad?