How much are you looking forward to the new season?


No buzz a tall for this season. Hoped against hope Wenger would have gone but he hasnt, so just feel flat as fuck.
Everyone responding to poor season last year but us.
Shambolic defending, crap tactics, reluctancy to spend money all conspiring to make this a spin and repeat season ahead.
Maybe what tops this though more than anything is how fucking mind numbing boring weve become to watch. Quite possibly this is the saddest failing of Wenger now.


I don’t know where to put this, but were they spamming social media links full last year with the photo calls?


Honestly not that hyped about this season at all from an Arsenal view. We have given ourselves no real chance in fighting for the title. Our only chance though is to tactical outmanoeuvre our opposition, which is highly unlikely. Leicester’s success last season is just another excuse for Wenger not to spend big on necessary improvements. He can continue his über Moneyball deluxe.

Interested in following the top teams though, all with new managers. For what it’s worth there will be many great games this year! Just not so many at the Emirates.


I always look forward to the start of a new season with hope and expectancy that it’s our season this time. It’s usually November when that hope fades and I get ‘oh well maybe next season’ attitude. But still, at the start it’s great and I always believe we can win and do well. I guess that’s my glass is half full attitude :wine_glass:


I have held that sort of a view for the last few seasons but I can’t seem to fool myself into believing things will be any different this season when nothing really has changed. I am often reminded of Einstein’s definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result) whenever I find myself hoping for a different sort of a season.

Still, kudos to you for continuing to hope. I know when it comes to match day, I will be buzzing, especially given our first two games of the season but I don’t hold any dreams of us winning the title or anything. Just going to take each game as it comes.


Weird to think the new season starts this weekend. The League will be really interesting this season, but my hopes for us really feel meh right now. Trying to focus on other things for now and just hope we get off to a solid enough start to the season.

Desperately need to strength but as usual, it seems to be fading as the season draws nearer.


Cmon u fucking Gooners FFS!! We get lolpool at home this weekend, we are gonna shit on them, I want to see some passion around here!!

Don’t get caught up in the hype that the team who spends the most is crowned as champions before a ball has even been kicked. We can win the league, and if we can’t we can take some cunts down with us, I’m talking about Pep and Mourinho…major douches.


If we didnt keep making the same mistakes off and on the field I could be more positive !
If we played good football more than 4/5 times a year it would be nice ,but Im sick of the sideways slow slow shuffle with no end product and no shot on goal until late in the 2nd half b4 a 70th min hail mary . There are way too many games like this . I’ve sold one of my season tickets and at present dont intend to go more than last season which was my lowest attendance ever. They wont change no point in getting too upset just found better things to do with my weekends . I have no idea what team will take the field on Sunday and neither does Wenger what a way to start a season ! AGAIN !


I used to think we always had at worst an outside chance of the title, this is the first season in 20 years I really have no hope. I used to value team and coach continuity, now I can’t stand it. Both proven bottlers at this stage too many times to believe in.


I cant wait, we’re looking decent so far, for pre season, shame about the lack of signings, but hey ho, we get on with it…
Can’t wait for Klopps boys to pop down to London and take a good beating…3-1 to the Gunners and off to a good start…Cmon the Arse!!!


You mean you want to see a certain type of passion. :slight_smile:


I want to feel so up for this but I just feel so meh. Out defence is a major worry, let’s hope we cope with it


We have a tough challenge of making top 4 no matter the title. I’m seriously worried for us this season, just screams from Wenger that he’s happy with getting top 4. How he can make only one big signing (just before the season tickets were sold) and still not make serious signings in key areas before the season is unforgiveable.

One or two cocky predictions of Liverpool been walked over is seriously worrying. Wake up, Liverpool will cause us a lot of problems.


I lie , im full of shit ,as much as i’m trying to play it all down the first match of the season is a great day out in any Arsenal fans life . Ive postponed my holiday with the wife and kid and im going to go ,taking an old friend from denmark to see the match. i whinge and i moan on here but i cant get over the fact i love this club and i cannot keep away much as i know the feeling is one sided . there you have it .it doesnt go away .**ARSENAL FOR LIFE **


Passion,That’s all we have round here. hence why people post the way they do regardless if they are Wenger in, or Wenger out. it all stems from passion, passion to see the club do well.

Personally, it looks like the place and people that are lacking any sort of passion is the club and the people who are running it.


Pretty ambivalent about the whole thing. So a 5 seemed apt.


Fcuk it lets run with Chambers and Holding or Beilik and let them stand up ! Play with a mind to protect the back four and hit them on the break . Liverpool will attack soak em up and hit them on the break . We can do it but not if we commit hari kari and go ploughing forward leaving gaping holes for the new boys to fill . Play the football you can with what you have NOT try and play the way you would like to if we have a full strength squad !


I feel like the past 2/3 seasons have been the same. Don’t see any reason why 16/17 is going to be different. Not really excited because of that.


Look at how City and United reinforced; and Chelsea got Conte.
I know our chance of this season…


Damn I been so busy recently I’ve barely thought about football, and totally forgot it starts next week.

Not very excited. Worst transfer window in years, and we were clearly not good enough last year when everyone else was crap.