How much are you looking forward to the new season?


Because Wenger can’t perform anymore we should lower our expectations regarding this football club? That’s essentially what you’re saying.


If we can’t win the league again let’s try at least to win the two domestic cups. We have never won the COC in the last years.


It’s the same old crap year in and year out now. summer window opens, we get one brilliant signing done early, season tickets are renewed, and then nothing but rumours and more rumours. being linked with every striker and their fucking family means less than nothing. the window will shut and we won’t buy a striker.

The mighty Arsenal going into this season with Giroud (who won’t even start the season), Walcott, and Akpom as our only recognized strikers (to say nothing of 2 other positions and the lack of quality depth if key players are- god forbid-injured) fills me with immense confidence. whoopdeyfuckingdo!

Last nights game (regardless of who was playing) was a repeat of our worst performances from last season which tells me, we are going into this season without any upgrade to our tactics and how we are going to approach each game. we’re just going to carry on playing our fucking boring game :frowning:

The shit of it is, if things don’t go well and we see the same old crap, Wenger will turn on the fans again which will compound and magnify the problems even more.

Message to Wenger, make us all eat shit pie by buying a quality fucking striker!


One (hopefully) more season of mundane, well trodden ground of a season to go under an Arsene reign and we’ll be set free and have a new set of hopes again.


Not if he makes top 4. unless there’s a MASSIVE backlash from the fans.


If we sign Mahrez i will increase my number from a 3 to a 5.


LMAO! MLS clubs paying ridiculous wages. Hooooo boy, you really know how to tell some good jokes Shammy.


Fallen out of love with club football, so not as excited as i used to be.

Just addicted to Arsenal, so i can’t help being involved.


I’m looking forward to the season but not so much as an Arsenal fan but rather a football fan.

It’s going to be the most competitive season for quite some time with some of the best managers around going toe to toe. It’s just so disappointing that we could genuinely be in the mix if we made the requisite signings, however, with that said I’ve long since realised we will never win the league again under Wenger.


What I’m trying to say finishing 2nd for a club like Arsenal the only goal has to be the next position. No more of this 3rd and 4th crap and be content. But what have they done to improve the squad? Xhaka and the hope of a fit Jack/Cazorla. That’s pathetic.

I really want to buy the rumors of Mahrez and Lacazette but actions speak louder. Is Lacazette the difference maker? Maybe. But a summer of Xhaka-Mahrez-Lacazette I’ll fight with this team and wherever they finish they finish. They would have addressed the areas of need and if the team finishes 3rd so be it, at least going into the season we would have expectations and optimism.


Following the majority here; I’m looking forward to the season coming purely for the entertainment, not in the bit excited about our chances for glory. Of course this still may change if we add some real quality to the squad.

However at the moment I’m not particularly looking forward to following Arsenal :confused:


The First two games of the season are massively important to Arsenal and to Wenger, if he’s planning not to bring in anyone else in or let’s be real his top targets are turning him down (which I think they are). He can’t afford to lose or draw both games, he’s got to win at least one and draw one. Lose both then pressure will be on him to sign someone come August 31st. If he doesn’t then the split will happen again and it won’t make for a good atmosphere.

I’m already resigned to Arsenal not winning the title again under Wenger, have said it for years now. I’m looking forward to the season to hopefully see us at least give it a go for a large part of the season, maybe win a cup.


Im going to sell my tickets this year ! I couldnt bring myself to walk away but Ive pretty much
lost interest in watching them live now .


TBH, any Arsenal fan that thinks we have even a slim chance of challenging for the title next season is even more deluded than Arsene. We have only added 1 player to our squad so far and lost 3, even if they were not regular starters. Add to that the fact that some of our key players will be missing come the start of the season. All this, to a squad of players that failed to mount a challenge in a season where all the big teams struggled. I don’t see how anyone can have any lofty expectations from this side. The addition of Xhaka alone is not enough to improve our fortunes and I expect another disappointing campaign, much like the last 5 or 6 seasons and I suspect am not alone. I also fully expect a pathetic start to the season.

In other words, the split you are talking about already exists.


Everything in your post is spot on. It’s really taking the piss for anyone at Arsenal to claim that they are challenging for a title. Sure, there is more time left in the window, but once again, Arsenal is set to try to look for deadline day bargains and start the season’s first few weeks with a lineup that would look suspect for the Carling Cup.

The atmosphere could get pretty ugly at the Emirates early on. I’d imagine the booing will be loud when a mid-table Liverpool club is rick-rolling Arsenal at home because of the club’s refusal to strengthen the squad and get things done.

It would be much better for Ivan and co. along with Wenger to keep their mouths shut when talking about the new season rather than trot out the usual tripe.


But we finished 2nd last year! Progress! Only 10 points off the mighty Foxes of Laysizeter City!


As a football fan, excited to see Conte and Pep and Mou (coming back) all in the EPL competing each other… excited to see if Leicester can make another miracle run this season…

As an Arsenal fan, I am already numb. It would be same old same old.


Who would look forward to Mourinho coming back? It’s not like he wants to play interesting football or anything. He’s just spending the most money on players and trying to win while acting like a thundercunt. Unless you’re confident he’ll be toppled by Pep quite convincingly and are looking forward to seeing that?


Looking forward to seeing Mourinho is nigh-on equivalent of me rubbing my gooch across the hot sands of the Sahara Desert for miles upon miles whilst I burn in the sun and camels walk by spitting at my horribly disformed face.

No thanks.


Looking forward to Mou coming back?
Why would you look forward to that twat?