How much are you looking forward to the new season?

Still 3 weeks away I know, but doesn’t hurt to ask the question. I guess for many a lot will depend on if we buy anymore key players.

There definately still has a vibe of either not expecting much or little in the way of enthusiam. I hope not. One season can feel very long if things aren’t enjoyable, like the back end of last season showed.

So on a scale of 1-10, how are you feeling about it all?[poll public=true]

  • 10 - Absolutely buzzing for the new season
  • 9 - Feeling optimistic, really looking forward to it
  • 8 - Always excited when a new season begins
  • 7 - Excited, but a few more signings would help
  • 6 - Quite excited
  • 5 - Good to have Football back, but not feeling too bothered right now
  • 4 - Feeling cautious about this season
  • 3 - Doesn’t look too good
  • 2 - Geniunely concerned about our prospects
  • 1 - Absolutely dreading it

If we had a modern manger who actually signed players it would be 10.

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This is the crux of it for me now…If we don’t then it will be a 3 for me, if we do get some names in, it will obviously be higher

Will hold my vote for now

It always a great thing when a new season goes underway, but few more signings would help, as it’s gonna be the hardest Premier League ever.

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Just like last season, this one is going to be completely pointless and mostly just boring.

Should have scored it in Arsneal players.10 being Henry 1 being Amuary Bischoff.

I’m absolutely Amuary Bischoff about next season.


The only part of me that is eager for the season to start is because we get closer the time we find out wether Wenger will be staying beyond this season or not.

I think Five is about right for me. @shamrockgooner I guess using your scale I’m probably an Oleg Luzhny :smile:

I generally hate transfer windows. The lack of activity, bullshit rumours from wannabe ITK cunts, the way it absolutely brings the worst out of so many of our fans. So the football starting will be good as it marks the beginning of the end of silly season and gives us something real to talk about.

So that’s what it’s about, it’s not that I’m actually excited for the football itself or optimistic about what Arsenal might do in the coming season.


7, excited but would definitely not mind another first team signing. a classy central defender or a striker in and I’d be buzzing.

The painful thing is that this is shaping up to be potentially the most competitive and interesting Premier League season in history, given the number of clubs that could win the league, the number of top level managers, the fact that even mid-table clubs can afford really good players at this point, etc. And I truly believe we could be right in the thick of things with two top level signings. But I know we won’t make them.


Somewhere between 3 and 1 depending on my mood.

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This season of the Prem. will be a battle royale. It has never had this many potential winners in my life time, possibly ever in deed.

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Who do you think are the potential winners ? I hope your not including us as one of them ? If we couldn’t get it done last year we have no fucking hope this year…

If we signed a top CF (Higuain, maybe Icardi) and our CB partnership is strong (either through adding a top signing to pair with Kos or Gab/Chambers stepping up their game to a high level), we can win the league. I wouldn’t make us first or second favorites but I definitely believe we would have a chance with health and luck.

Realistically, United and City are favorites. But Arsenal (with the right signings), Chelsea, and maybe even Spurs could also win. I also don’t think its totally unthinkable that Liverpool, without European football, could be in the mix if Klopp gets them playing his brand of football cohesively. Any of those teams could do it with the right combination of staying healthy, players hitting form together at the right time, and a little luck.

Arsenal fan - 4

Football fan - 9

The PL will be exciting. Good players, good coaches, different styles.


Well, I know that you and me are not in the same corner when it comes to optimism, but I’d say if we get a CB and ST (unlikely) we have a decent chance to win it, with one of them (possible) then I’d say we have a shot at it. If we don’t get anyone else bar Xhaka we still could but it might not be entirely in our hands as of today, but for me that’s enough to get excited.

Consistency frequently wins the league, remember how United could play shite and still win it with a bunch of 1-0 wins? If the rest don’t get their crap together properly we can W/D at home and D/L away to the other threats, do a United and finish with -something like- 23-10-5 and ~80p -If- the league turns into a brawl where all of the other top teams beat each other left and right and we end up benefitting from it, but that is probably the condition.

atm I fear Chelsea and City more than United as I don’t want to think that Mourinho can sort out the mess that is United this quickly but he is quite good at what he does if he is given what he wants so I’m not betting a lot on it. I don’t want to think that Liverpool or anyone else are really in it, but it is just wild speculation.

Exactly this.

Our squad isn’t looking mighty enough to sustain a solid challenge for the title (at the moment) but the amount of clas players and managers that have arrived is going to make it a very watchable season.

I’m always looking forward to watching Match of the Day and Super Sunday to wind down. I mean as an Arsenal fan today if I’m not looking forward to that then what on Earth can I look forward to instead?

Buzzing. Every year.


Going to reserve judgement for now.

But for right now, i’m torn, can’t wait for the season to start, absolutely dreading the new season, not just because i have no faith Wenger will strengthen, but for many reasons.the main one for me is the striker situation, the problem with that is 2-fold. if we don’t get a striker then i can see us playing exactly the same way as we did last season-in front of a parked bus and us pushing like mad for a goal only to concede on the break/counter.