How much are you looking forward to the new season?


Yet in reality when everything shakes out it’s usually a two horse race at best.

We’ll see. Chances are we won’t win it if history is anything to go by, but that uncertainty of what’s going to happen especially in a big match is what keeps me excited. One match at a time lads, we beat lolpool and walk over Leicester in the first couple matches and things will be looking rosy. And if we’re ahead at Christmas things will start to look up. We’re gonna do thisssss :sunglasses:


Lol uncertainty? If its against Chelsea or Manchester United we will lose as we do in every match we play against them. Can’t see us beating Everton this year now Koeman is there. Another manager Wenger can’t ever beat. You could even add in Tottenham who we haven’t beat in the league since Poch became their manager.


No point in crying like a little bitch before we’ve even kicked a ball, or played against any of those teams. Stop acting like your vajayjay is bleeding. We’ll see how we do.

We beat United soundly last year. And I’m sure everyone was crying beforehand saying we’d lose. We beat Chelsea in the CS and everyone said we’d lose, and pochetino hasn’t beaten us in the league either. Wenger’s actually got a good overall record against him. You make my weiner soft with your defeatist bullshit, we are the Arsenal FUCK the rest of these cunts imo.


Poch has beaten us in the league 2-1 at the Lane in 14/15, and please don’t talk about the CS win over Chelsea, they somehow managed to do the double over us in a season they were God Fucking awful.


Haven’t googled it but even so pretty sure overall Wenger has more results against Poch since he’s been with the scum. And why not talk about the CS I can go back into the records and show you how many people said we’d lose. But we didn’t, so tbh anything can happen on any given matchday. Sorry I’m not a defeatist asshole who just rolls over and accepts defeat like the outspoken douches taking over the forums, my sincerest apologies.


Every other game I go in thinking we’ll win it’s just when you have a bad record against a certain team or manager I personally go in thinking the worst so if we do beat them it feels even better


Given our recent history I understand this and wouldn’t criticize that view. I just don’t understand the poo-pooing of the idea we can’t be excited over the uncertainty of a new season and new challenges. Yes the odds are against us but we could still accomplish some good stuff this year.


This is the first season I can remember where the top teams like Man City, Man U and Chelsea could pull ahead of us but clubs like Liverpool, spurs, West Ham and Everton have also got managers that could challenger Wenger for fourth place.

It’s the most open PL ever, and there are going to be some very big name managers that won’t even get CL football, let’s just hope Wenger isn’t one of them.


You don’t have to be Nostradamus to predict how some things will play out if things stay the same. that doesn’t mean we don’t hope for the best before hand. personally speaking, i always hope for the best, but that’s the heart speaking. the head says otherwise due to past experience, and given our lack of ambition compared to other clubs who are MUCH more proactive…

At the end of the day, anything can happen, but with our luck chances are we’ll be ruing the managers decisions once again.

I hope Wenger proves us wrong!


Before I read all the new forum posts, I am absolutely buzzing…However, if I read all the new posts about how shit we are, how shit Wenger is, how we’ve signed nobody, and that all our targets are shite, and that everyone else has improved by a zillion percent, then…nah, not so much!!!


Obviously looking forward to it.

The Euros were underwhelming ending with another lucky team winning (like the CL last season), and the transfer window is just frustrating as fuck.

I wish I was a neutral though so I didn’t get my hopes up all the time about Arsenal before it all inevitably collapses.


This scenario happened last season. But in stead of us taking advantage of it, it was Leicester and we bottled yet again. I can’t imagine all three of City, Chelsea and United dropping the ball like that again this season, at least one of them is going to have a proper season. If it does happen, we’re not the ones who’re going to benefit from it, like we didn’t do last season.


Not to be disrespectful, but after last season I don’t know how any Arsenal fan can even envisage a situation in which circumstances could lead to us winning the league. That’s exactly what we had last season and we completely and utterly shat the bed.

We beat Leicester in what should have been the pivotal match in the race, then we lost to a United side with several debutants and a complete lack of quality, and followed that up by losing against fucking Swansea at home from a winning position. The bottling mentality at this club couldn’t be more perfectly encapsulated. There’s no valid reason to think Wenger could lead us to another title, circumstances couldn’t really have been any better for us last year and we still fucked it.

I’m just hoping to finish in the top four after making some decent signings and playing better football than we have done in previous years, though I’m not confident of that happening either.

My dormant rage about last season is bubbling up just thinking about it.


Not very excited at all to be honest, don’t think we have a hope in well winning a title under Wenger and we be doing very well to get top 4 with this side. Our board and manager don’t give a shit so why should I.

After last season’s debacle and another summer of Wenger been a stingy scrooge, plus our injury record and the fact our best players won’t be playing the first few games of the season, and we know Wenger will make excuses if we lose over Liverpool and Leicester when it comes to that. Plus the dumb ass AKB’s cheering on this man who hasn’t shown any ambition to compete once again. Expect us to go on a good run maybe beat the odd rival here and there lose to teams we should be beaten. Blow the league by January, go out of the CL in the last 16 and the AKB’s saying “give him to May to judge him” line to be out by then. Wenger saying we can’t compete with big money clubs. Finishing above Spuds will save his ass again probably.

Of course I will tune and watch and punish myself into thinking we have a chance. But I don’t fancy us to do anything at all this season, maybe with some luck we win a league cup or FA Cup.


Its a shame our head honchos roll over and accept defeat in the transfer market reading the quotes from Ivan Gazidis.


No surprise Aussie though, I knew that line of “We will do a Leicester” would come out.

The best thing Ivan and Wenger could do is shut up and don’t do interviews that will clearly upset fans who are already angry with the way the summer has gone so far. I still stand by that Wenger believes that his side is still good enough to win the league and how dare we question him, we finished 2nd that means we are close lol.

Even if we lose to Liverpool and a few boo’s ring out they be drowned out by AKB’s shouting “one Arsene Wenger”.


Hope springs eternal, and all that.


Some clubs aspire to be like Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich.
Not us, we have got greater ambitions.
To be like Leicester.
It makes you proud when you hear one of the top people at the club, coming out with statements like that.


Wenger’s always done the absolute minimum needed to get top 4 since we moved to the Emirates, if he thinks that this seasons minimum of one midfielder and two prospects will be enough he’s going to have the shock of his life come next May. right now i have zero faith Wenger will buy a striker and a CB who have more mobility in them than the 2 corpses known as Giroud and Mertesacker.


Whoever is working for Arsenal P.R has to get the sack for ever letting Ivan come out and doing that interview.

Right now this club has to show some ambition after last years debacle and once again the excuses are coming out about not needing to spend big and that we are a big money club. No one is buying it, it’s making us look a laughing stock. Everyone is loving having a laugh at our Board and managers stupidity.

I swear things will get bad if we lose to Liverpool and Leicester, but I doubt they care.