How much are you looking forward to the new season?


Am not looking forward cause I can see Arsene still in charge and that means the only direction we can look is backwards.


If Wenger was still charge i would literally say a big fuck off. This season is the last season i am getting fooled.


All depends if Wenger staying or not.
Not bother too much this season already and if he is still here next season, don’t think I will watch more than 5 Arsenal games.


The season was fun until we lost to Everton/City. That’s when it all went to shit.


I think with or without Wenger next season will be a rough one. It will probably be the worse season that I can remember. I just hope we have a new manager in place so we can sow the seeds of success for the seasons after next. I just wish we would take the hit sooner so the groundwork can be into place.

Regardless of results, I think most want to see a project with clearly defined plans.


This is exactly my thoughts also.


I tell you what I’m not looking forward too, us having to play 11 league matches in April/ May.


I’m excited. We can win the league. 2017/18 PL Champs right here!!


You aren’t the only one to think that way. I bet there are plenty out there who understand that even if we were to get a new manager, it will be at least 1 or 2 seasons before we start seeing something resembling a champion side taking shape. This is what makes the current situation even more bizarre because everyone, whether they be ex-players, TV pundits or fans, can see what is needed, except for the people in charge. Or is it? Is the current delay in announcing the future of Wenger just them waiting for a good run of results or is there something larger afoot?

Whatever it is, am not holding my breath. Am resigned to a few more season of this mediocrity. I just wish it is under new management.


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I should just change my username to nostradamus24 already!

It’s sad how most people in this thread saw this season yet the board decided to stick with the status quo


Don’t worry! Next season would be even worse if Wenger stayed!


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I got you fam


The board stick with the manager.
The manager sticks with the same players and tactics.
The supporters are stuck with both.
The last few seasons have been too predictable, but even if the new manager is worse, at least he will be different.


We’ll win the league in 18/19.


Times of crisis brings out the best in humanity :fist:


Looking forward to the 29/30 season. No way Wenger is still around at that point.


I just want Kroenke goes bankrupt and “forced” to sell the club.