Henrikh Mkhitaryan

See ya Mhki.


I looked for this in former gunners lol

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The Italian league suits him much more. Less physical I believe and focus is on different aspects of the game.

Also late Wenger didn’t help him and his play-style.


Sanchez has improved in Italy as well

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Which is nice to see after he was so abject at United :grin:

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Is he out of contract next summer?

He’s still ours?!

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I think so?? Isn’t he on loan??

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Nah we released him from his contract.

He’s loving the lack of pressure at Roma. He always struggled under pressure that’s why he struggled under Klopp at Dortmund and subsequently bombed at United and Arsenal.


Nice to see him doing well though, always had the talent and prowess. Good for him, just shows how much of a difference a teams style can mean to a player.

He’s always been an exceptional talent, I think Srcjj is spot on though, couldn’t hack the pressure at top clubs at all. Dude looked sick with worry playing for us and United. The whole being a human poker chip in the Alexis deal probably didn’t do much for his confidence either.


5 goals 4 assists already in Serie A this season, think they’re all non penalty goals also :eyes:.

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