Harry Kane

It’s a funny old game.

will he catch Shearer? I give him this season plus 3 more tbh

Need another one :pray:

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How good was Saint and Greavsie?
What a brilliant start to the traditional 3pm kick offs.
It should be re run for all to see .

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Far better than that Soccer AM shite

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don’t diss old school soccer am

Legend of north london

You ain’t kidding .
It’s just a shit shower now .
It takes a talented player to overcome Greavsie record .
Well done Harry , all rivalries aside a special record to break .

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He will be truly remembered among Arsenal fans for this goal.


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King Kane

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breh :arteta:


These pictures are making me crease !!!:rofl: :joy: :laughing:

Lmao, but he’s a Spurs fan. :wink:

He’s so full of shit. His excuse about it is nonsense.

Seems to have a lot of goals against City over the years.

Without penalties as well

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Against most teams tbf. He’s a great player, it’s undeniable.

Of he got that move to City the guy would’ve broken a bunch of records and City would’ve been CL winners now.

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From whem Mourinho took over and left him out of games, his body management improved ten fold.

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His range of passing is incredible for a striker who has scored that many goals.

I still don’t think he’s better than Haaland, mind you, but Kane has some serious attributes.

I think Kane is clear of Haaland to be honest.

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