Harry Kane

Harry Kane is running out of patience at Tottenham Hotspur and will push for a transfer this summer if they fail to secure Champions League qualification, The Athletic can reveal.

Frustrated by a lack of trophies and concerned by the threat of a second successive season without Champions League football, Kane is prepared to tell the Tottenham hierarchy he wants a new challenge. At this stage, Manchester City and Manchester United are the clubs most likely to offer him that possibility, but a move abroad cannot be discounted. Getting out of Spurs though will not be easy or perhaps at all possible.

Will he leave?

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Not this summer

No sympathy for guys like Kane who tie themselves down to long term lucrative contracts without a get out clause.

Should have had a release clause inserted in his contract. Maybe one that stipulated if Spurs failed to qualify for the CL in successive seasons he could leave for £100m or something.


Kane is a great player and it’s a waste not seeing him on a better stage in a better set up.
Outside of the bias of seeing him play for Spurs I’d like too see him at a better club.

Does this cunt deserve his own thread?

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There’s PSG if they sell Mbappe to Real Madrid.

He doesn’t but him as a topic does so I voted yes

Think he’d be great for Bayern.

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Can we just have a general thread “Football players” and merge a fuckload in there?

Are you gonna run out of space?

OA seems the only place where you have to discuss everything in the one thread lol and making new threads is frowned upon :joy:

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Yea there are over a thousand threads here…not having a harry kane thread is a legitimate way to go and I’ve even put it to public opinion.

He’ll only leave if Levy allows it.
As much as I can’t stand him, Levy is very good at keeping his best players at the club.
He obviously cares about his club and is clearly ambitious for them to be successful.
I wish we had someone running our club who had the same attitude towards us.

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Plenty of spurs fans hate Levy and want him out though.

I Still think he’s worth a massive fee despite his age. He’s a great finisher, he had great movement and has shown he can adapt his game to drop deeper. Ridiculous technique hitting a ball, be it a pass or shot.

Lack of top quality strikers out there.

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I’ll never understand why top players sign their leverage away smh

He ain’t going anywhere lol

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Does the cunt deserve his own thread on an Arsenal forum?

EDIT: sorry, this has been addressed earlier

Think one of the things Jose gets some credit on his is game management time.
A top team is getting it’s money back on his goals.

Should’ve negotiated a release clause with his contract renewal, he’s not going anywhere with what levy would be asking for.

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What are you on about?!?! Haha

OA goes mad off topic literally all the time, must have been at least 50 posts of pure Arteta chat in the Smith Rowe thread this weekend, to name a very recent example.

Compared to most forums we are one of the least “you must only discuss this topic in this one specific thread” types of forums lol