Gun Violence in the USA

Because it’s a huge, ongoing topic and the General News thread needs to be available for the discussion of smaller topics/articles

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Whether you’re working in a shop or simply knocking on the wrong door by accident, Missouri ain’t safe.

In what universe is a gun going to help you communicate? We are the dumbest country.

Shots at police released on bail reform and kills two people :unamused:

Anotha one.

Who could have foreseen that a country filled with weapons that make it extremely easy to kill someone would result in situations where people are killing each other over trivial things?


Couple months back I had to check my neighbor for allowing his dog to crap on my lawn. Guy didn’t even have the decency to clean up after. I was a bit nervous considering he’s an ex-marine. Knowing those guys they’re all mentally and emotionally unstable bags of insecurity and they’re armed to the teeth.

So much freedom in this country

Especially the freedom to die from gun maniacs

the man was asked to stop shooting in his yard, the authorities said.

What’s the world coming to when a man isn’t allowed to shoot in his own yard?
It’s political correctness gone mad. :grinning:


Probably some woke lib leftie who had the bad taste telling this law abiding model citizen to stop practicing his rights.


Fuck telling a man to stop shooting his gun. Call the police and let them deal with it.

Police are pussies and would probably just say they can’t do anything about it because he has the legal right to fire his weapon at all hours of the night.


Maybe. But they would likely still be alive.

We know for sure the neighbor is a homicidal maniac so logic dictates he would have attempted to kill someone sooner or later.

This was probably not his first incident.

That’s not true in every jurisdiction. The jurisdiction I practiced in had a local ordinance against discharging firearm within a certain portion of the county. I prosecuted a case where the facts basically boiled down to this guy firing a warning shot in a residential area.


The fucking monstrosities that American conservatives are. This is genocide talk. WHAT THE FUCK!

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We’ve got so much freedom here. Just boundless freedom. It’s killing us.

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