German NT Thread


Fun Fact: Germany scored 2 goals this WC, Marco Reus assisted one and scored the other. #HejaBvB


Mezut Ozil in verbal spat with Germany supporters after final whistle.
“He was really angry, his eyes were popping out his head” said an eyewitness.


Hopefully he retire so we can get him fulltime :henry2:


He’s not doing it .
All that talent and he goes missing.


And yet won nothing. Reus brings bad luck.



Well… I feel very low already… and don’t wanna compare my favorite team to the lower ones… can’t make me feel better at all :stuck_out_tongue:


I like this lineup, but it is not going to work, in German way.

They need a ball carrier CB that can dribble and pass the ball.
Both Sule and Rudiger suck.

Although missing some chances, I still want Hummels on my team.
He had a bad tournament, and he (probably the only one so far) came out to apologize already… he is forgiven.
Also he has better skills than Sule and Rudiger.


They don’t necessarily need that, that’s a narrow view of a way a team should be set up IMO.

Hummels might have played his last world cup as starting CB, Tah and Sule got next.


Hummels is only 29, he is still good enough for 2020 Euro.
They need experience and stability at the back… Sule, Rudiger, Tah, even Ginter (and Mustafi) are all too raw for this positions.
You need a transition… can’t just take both Boateng and Hummels out at the same time.
If I need to pick one to stay, I pick Hummels.

You need a ball carrier CB because nowadays football they don’t easily clear the ball from the back. They want possession, and need players that have good skillsets to control and distribute the ball, to start the attack from the back.
I don’t see that from Sule, Rudiger, and Tah, at least not now and near future.

Also this team needs some more speed and players that can dribble.
If give and go doesn’t work, they need a 2nd option to make things right.


I’m talking about the world cup and in four years time both Sule and Tah will have plenty more experience.

Sure Hummels can make the Euro’s but shouldn’t be starting CB at the world cup.

Sule and Tah are very comfortable in possession and can pass, Hummels although class isn’t that special in that area.


We will see… hopefully the young ones can pick up the slacks and step up when the time/chance comes.

In 4 years, probably Hector won’t be in the lineup anymore… but others are young still.


He plays for Dortmund :wink:


Haha Germany had a proper meltdown :joy: :joy::joy:


Now who is going to say the changing room banter is not important??

Unfortunately Jogi did not bring Poldi to the WC as special assistant, like Klose.


Talk about a lack of balls from DFB


Expected, right?

First, he won the WC. Second, they don’t really have a candidate at this moment.
Heard that Klopp was one, but his job is not finished at Liverpool.


Don’t think he is the right man to do a massive overhaul like Germany needs.