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The great, Legendary, WC winning, Former boyfriend to Sarah Brandner has retired from international football.

Mesut Ă–zil (10)

Bottling cunts.


Finally this thread is here…

All the best Basti. Right time to retire from NT and time to move on.
Please, convince Poldi to do the same.


Great player on his day. But he has been past it since 2014.


One of my favourite non-Arsenal players, thanks for all Basti.


Damn, the old man still doesn’t want to retire from the NT???

Now “No Poldi, No Party” is as bad as “No Sanogo, No Party”.
Please Poldi, take yourself out from the NT and enjoy the club games for a year or two and then retire.


He gets front row seats to the best team in the world, why would he give that up?


IMO, sitting in the dugout/bench has the worst view of the game.

I know he doesn’t want to miss the fun action on and OFF THE FIELD with the NT, Jogi please hire him as a special assistant and open up a player’s spot for a good youngster.


The Prince of Koeln has retired from international football.

#Aha #weltmeister #strassenkicker #DieMannschaft


It was the right decision.


Good luck, Poldi!




In before people give out to you for using that word. :slight_smile:


It can be worse. Saw this transfer post on The Daily Mail:

Legendary Arsenal defender Philippe Senderos is training with Rangers in a bid to win a contract at the Scottish club.


Finally Poldi… good decision.

Enjoy the rest of your career and a wonderful family.


[quote=“Bl1nk, post:14, topic:438”]
Legendary Arsenal defender Philippe Senderos
[/quote]Can’t believe they used that word for him :arteta:


[quote=“Mysty, post:16, topic:438, full:true”]

What, defender? :grin:


DFB announces farewell games for Prinz Poldi and Bastian Schweinsteiger.



Lol. Winner.


One last run of the two old horses.