German NT Thread


Why wouldn’t you? Are you German?


Ma grannie is half german so im rooting for Deutchland. Hopefully Mesut will be first choice from now on.


Not German, but lots of German friends. I’ve followed Die Mannschaft going on 30 years now, since I was a kid. Germany doesn’t engage in the shameful play acting that squads like Brazil (Rivaldo anyone?) have done over the years.

This Brazilian squad isn’t very likable–Neymar springs to mind immediately. While I’m sure that not all of their fans are this way, the ones I’ve come across where quite arrogant. They were the easy team for bandwagon fans or anyone from a central american country to claim as their own. At least back then, they had players like Romario, Robert Carlos, Ronaldo (pre-pubic patch on this head and transvestite days).

I enjoyed watching Germany dismantle them completely in 2014 and players like Sideshow Bob Luiz and something called Fred being shown to be frauds.

While this edition of Brazil would be favorite should they play Germany, Germany won’t get beat by 6 goals.


Mueller is getting criticized and rightfully so as he has been dreadful thus far for the World Cup.


Pathetic how Ozil has become the scapegoat now. Germany didn’t look better without him.


On most instances I’d be with you, but fuck the German 'da’s going at Ozil, for not singing the national anthem etc.

Guys like Matthaus. Acting like the English press. It should end like it does for England for them.


Fair enough, but I guess that I’m just used to Ozil getting criticized at this point. I havent heard Matthaus’ criticism of him if it is more legit or the lazy english media’s version.

Either way, Germany can be on the other side of the bracket–lots of permutations out there for Group F.


Fuck Boateng, Fuck Hummels, Fuck Kimmich, Fuck Khedira, Fuck Kroos, Fuck Draxler, Fuck Muller, Fuck Werner, and last but not least, FUCK JOGI LOW.

Most pathetic WC display among all German generations.

All out of FUCK.

Mesut Özil (10)

Hey what about Kevin Trapp !


Yeah yeah yeah… and also Ter Stegen


This is a message to you Rudy… Fick dich.

My coat and I are leaving.


Could be worse you could have been The Netherlands or Italy and not even qualify for it :henry2:


Also they won it 4 years ago ffs, Netherlands have been in three finals and lost them all


Or Scotland :wink:

               Ter Stegen

Kimmich - Sule - Rudiger - Hector

   Gundogan - Kroos - Goretzka

     Sane - Werner - Brandt

That would be my Germany team going forward. Or some variation of it of course.


To think that a worse German team got to the final in 2002.

I think, clearly unlike England, Germany are blessed with ex internationals who have won the WC as players. Get one of them in as the next manager. Even if the team is poor, they tend to galvanise them into winning and progressing, just like Rudi Vőller did 16 years ago


Sanè is surely laughing his ass off right now. He would have been so useful to such a flat national team.


Too much is being made of Sane in my opinion.

If Messi can’t save Argentina, how on earth is Sane going to save Germany? He’s a kid, played in a team full of superstars last season. He’d have looked like a lost lamb at this WC


I know. Saying Sane should have been there is such an easy criticism.

If Sane was in the squad, does that mean the likes of Hummels and Werner would have finished off the chances that were served to them on a silver platter? And Neuer wouldn’t have played as if he was constipated?

Not to mention the fact that Brandt – the guy who was supposedly in the squad instead of Sane – was one of the Germany’s best players despite not getting much of a look in. You can also take from that that Sane would have been treated in a similar way (rightly or wrongly).

Sure Löw should have taken Sane, but not taking him was a relatively small error that pales into insignificance compared to the other problems Germany have and the other tactical decisions Löw made. Sane is just one man, a man who hasn’t performed much for his country at that, his inclusion would not have solved all those problems.


He is the only player capable of dribbling someone with his speed.